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Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
2009: ComedyAnother overlong Judd Apatow movie
1994: Comedy/DramaRetarded Alabamian is US's most significant historical figure of 20th century
1970: DramaToo bad title doesn't refer to 5 hot chicks
1931: HorrorUniversal horror classic: it's alive!
1940: AnimatedGot kids to love/tolerate classical music
1958: HorrorHuman and insect genes don't splice well
1997: SciFiBruce Willis vs. giant ball of pure evil
1971: MusicalSchizophrenic Jew keeps talking to himself, seeing violin-player atop his house
1964: WesternYojimbo remake that made Clint a star
2001: 'Comedy'Tom Green in one of the worst movies ever
2009: AnimatedWes Anderson adapts a novel, makes standard Wes Anderson movie
1997/2007: HorrorMichael Haneke film about a home invasion plays with film conventions
1992: DramaMel Gibson gets cryogenically frozen
1980: HorrorHalloween-clone with lots of sequels
1932: WarI want to see the sequel: A Hello to Legs
1982: AdventureWerner Herzog hauls a boat over a mountain
1997: ThrillerCage & Travolta switch faces, chew scenery
2007: SchoolHillary Swank brings ghetto kids in line
2005: ActionMark Wahlberg has 3 brothers: 2 are black
1984: HorrorLittle Drew Barrymore has pyrokinesis
1993: ThrillerTom Cruise in labored Grisham adaptation
1988: ComedyJohn Cleese shows off Russian skills, body
2004: DocumentaryMichael Moore anti-Bush polemic doesn't exactly define 'subtle'
2003: DocumentaryRobert MacNamara tells his version of history, validates self at every turn
1987: ThrillerGlenn Close as psycho stalker bunny-boiler
2001: MysteryCan Johnny Depp stop Jack-the-Ripper?
2000: HorrorDeath refuses to be cheated by teens, acts all Rube Goldbergy
1980: MusicalAngsty drama at Performing Arts School
1992: CourtroomYou want this clue, but you can't handle it
Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
1986: ComedyMatthew Broderick takes a break from school, sings atop a float
1989: SportsBaseball nostalgia wallowed in for 107 minutes
1993: ThrillerPersonally I blame the one-armed man
1964: ThrillerBombers head for USSR, can't be recalled
1993: DramaMichael Douglas is having a really bad day
2001: ActionPoint Break with fast cars and Vin Diesel
2008: DramaBest Pic nominee about the 37th US Prez
1993: FamilyWhale movie. Title sounds like British porn
1953: War/RomanceEpic WWII-set soap opera with famous kiss scene won slew of awards
2008: ComedyLucky Jason Segal must decide between Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis
1981: Spy Roger Moore again. In Greece this time.
2006: WarClint bores us all with leaden Iwo Jima film
1996: HorrorLittle Red Riding Hood set in modern L.A.
1932: Horror'Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble: one of us!'
2006: ThrillerHarrison Ford out of retirement...for this?
1987: WarKubrick's Vietnam, clearly filmed in the UK
1996: Horror/ThrillerMr. Clooney encounters Mexican vampires
1971: ThrillerGene Hackman as NYC's toughest cop
2003: AnimatedClownfish is separated from his father
2002: WarKate Hudson has a terrible British accent
1949: DramaAyn Rand's philosophies just as weird onscreen
1997: ComedyEasily the best Best Picture nominee ever about male strippers
1996: FamilyAnna Paquin has to lead geese home
1997: FamilyFlying rubber nets scientist a hot chick
1996: CrimeCoen Bros. tale of murder, Midwest-style
1940: ThrillerHitchcock thriller set on the eve of WWII
1982: School/ComedyA young Sean Penn is awesome, dude, totally awesome!
2005: SuperheroFalse advertising: fantastic it ain't

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