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Don McLean has resisted all explanations for the cryptic title of his signature song -- I guess future generations will think it's the theme of a 1999 teen sex comedyAmerican Pie
Music scholar Sheila Whiteley thinks this Queen title comes from the individualism of the artists' world and the romantic ideals of art rock. Magnifico!Bohemian Rhapsody
This song by the Chili Peppers gets its title from a place where Anthony Kiedis used to do drugs (he doesn't want to ever feel like he did that day)Under the Bridge
'I get knocked down' would seemingly have been the more logical title, but instead Chumbawamba went for an obscure word meaning a bandwagonning politicianTubthumping
From a combination of the the song's two main philosophical influences, Meher Baba and Terry Riley, though still known to many as 'Teenage Wasteland'Baba O'Riley
Is this Don Henley song about uncleaned clothes? Nope: it's a scathing indictment of the news mediaDirty Laundry
This Deep Purple jam, famous for its signature riff, has nothing to do with drugs: the title/song are about a fire in Montreux, SwitzerlandSmoke on the Water
This Rolling Stones jam would not help you make cookies: it's about sex, interracial relationships, slavery, heroin, and a whole lot beyond sweetenersBrown Sugar
It's not a call for safe sex or nuclear disarmament: this one-hit wonder by Men without Hats gets its title from the dangers of New Wave dancingThe Safety Dance
This intentionally nonsensical Beatles song gets its titular animal from a Lewis Carroll poemI Am the Walrus
Meaning Title % Correct
Rather than name the song for a desire to stand on a mountain, bathe in the sea, lay like this forever, etc, Savage Garden instead went for lots of adverbsTruly, Madly, Deeply
I read the lyrics of this hugely influential and enduring Beatles song, oh boy, but the Fab Four never mention the title A Day in the Life
Arguably Pearl Jam's most famous track, this song sounds like it's about water but it gets its title from a homeless man struggling to keep a coherent train of thoughtEven Flow
Led Zeppelin took the title of this reggae-influenced song from a corruption of 'Did you make her?' or 'Jamaica,' a reference to the punchline of an old jokeD'yer Mak'er
This song, arguably Enya's most popular, is commonly known as 'Sail Away' but is actually titled for a river in VenezuelaOrinoco Flow
Perhaps known better as 'The Hey Song,' Gary Glitter's anthem actually goes by this seemingly serialized titleRock and Roll Part 2
This popular R. Kelly song is known as a remix despite the fact that it has almost nothing in common with its supposed predecessorIgnition (Remix)
No, Radiohead's not bad at math: they took the title for this album opener from a famous equation in Orwell's 19842 + 2 = 5
There are no amphibians in this Doors song. Jim Morrison gave no explanation for its title other than the song came from his poetryPeace Frog
Emerson Lake and Palmer's song (or extended recording, perhaps) about a futuristic carnival also takes its name from a corrupted spellingKarn Evil 9

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