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Can you name the answer to each piece of national trivia for the next 30 most populous countries?

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Which Ukrainian nuclear power station had a critical accident in 1986?Ukraine
Which “spiritual leader of the Argentine nation” died of cancer in 1952 at 33?Argentina
Algeria fought a bitter decolonization war between 1954-1962 with which country?Algeria
Which Polish scientist was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize? Poland
Which eccentrically evil (and possibly cannibalistic) man led Uganda from 1971-79?Uganda
Which two ”fertile crescent” rivers traverse the nation of Iraq?Iraq
What region in Western Sudan became a war zone and humanitarian crisis spot in 2003?Sudan
What icy region become the third official territory of Canada in 1999?Canada
What disputed West African territory does Morocco have de facto control over most of?Morocco
What Islamic fundamentalist group ruled Afghanistan until 2001 and now wages war within it?Afghanistan
Nepal has the only world flag which is not what?Nepal
On which island is the eastern half of Malaysia located? Malaysia
What city in the Andean highlands was the capital of the Inca empire? Peru
Venezuela is a member of what primarily Afro-Asian oil producing alliance?Venezuela
Hemmed-in Uzbekistan is one of only two countries in the world to be doubly...Uzbekistan
What two holiest Islamic cities are located in Saudi Arabia?Saudi Arabia
Yemen borders the mouth of which sea that Moses famously parted?Yemen
Before gaining independence, Ghana was named after what precious metal?Ghana
The flag of Mozambique features a hoe and what famous assault rifle? Mozambique
The heavily guarded DMZ can be found roughly at what line of latitude?North Korea
Angola, along with Mozambique and 4 other African countries speaks what language? Angola
Australia’s first European settlement came when the British decided to use it for what purpose?Australia
Taiwan was created by the retreating Nationalists at the conclusion of what conflict? Taiwan
Which city, though not Cameroon's capital, has a bigger population and port than Yaounde?Cameroon
Ivory Coast is notable for production of which 'c' cash crop?Côte d'Ivoire
Which group of primates is endemic to the island of Madagascar?Madagascar
Under British colonial rule, the island of Sri Lanka was known as what?Sri Lanka
Niger is one of the largest exporters of this element used in nuclear weaponry and powerNiger
What major European river, which flows through 10 countries, ends in Romania?Romania
What wondrously named city is the capital of Burkina Faso?Burkina Faso

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