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QUIZ: Can you name the best picture nominees that for one reason or another are strange?

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Despite being a science fiction film with no stars (and from South Africa to boot!) this actioner scored 4 nominations and a BP nod2009
A talking pig who thinks he's a sheepdog. Cute? Sure. But one of the year's best? You might not have thought. And yet!1995
This romantic comedy, the first to team writer Richard Curtis with star Hugh Grant, only managed to charm its way to 2 Oscar nominations, but one was for Best Picture1994
When Andrew Davis and Harrison Ford sat down to remake a television show into action film, I bet they didn't think their film would end up going up against Schindler's List1993
No one liked this creaking musical about a singing veterinarian much at all, but its producers lobbied their way to a BP nod1967
A mere 46% of critics on gave this 9/11 film the thumbs up, but it snuck in with two nominations2011
Christopher Nolan's action films haven't gotten much attention from the Academy, but this dreamy release finally got him a BP nod2010
Another case of a movie that wasn't particularly liked (61% RT), this Kate Winslet Holocaust drama made it in the Big 52008
A Hong Kong martial arts movie at the big dance? Indeed, Ang Lee made it happen2000
Magical realism? 5 year old girl as the lead? Set in poverty-stricken Louisiana? Somehow it worked for this recent release2012
When you think of a prototypical Best Picture, you probably don't think about comedies with male strippers. But in 1997...1997
Horror films rarely get a lot of Oscar love, but I suppose this film's classy actors (Ellen Burstyn! Max Von Sydow!) and stunning box office gross couldn't be ignored1973
It's got a '3' after its title and is animated...and yet this film scored a cool 5 nods2010
A psychological thriller set in Troubles-torn Northern Ireland with a gender-bending twist? In 1992, this made the grade1992
Adapted from a teleplay, not produced by a major studio, and less than 100 minutes in length, this B/W film managed to not only pull off a nomination, but take home the gold1955
This unassuming Melanie Griffith workplace comedy was a big enough hit to earn 6 noms.1988
How can a film get 1 nod and win? In the old days, by assembling a big group of stars and putting them in the titular building1931
In the early 80s this sports film came across the pond and not only raced its way to a Best Picture nom, but beat Reds to the finish line1981
No one's denying that this other 1981 release is a rollicking film that made every boy want to be an archeologist. However, how often does the Academy reward exciting adventures?1981
In a decade dominated by bloated musicals, this X-rated slice of life story from John Schlesinger won the big prize1969

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