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A child murderer is pursued through the Berlin streets1
A handyman stirs up trouble in this Spanish film titled 'Yo'2
A dog which helped marines in Afghanistan returns to the USA3
Sam Rockwell is almost the only actor in this sci-fi set in a lunar base4
A Hun invasion causes a young Chinese girl to take her ailing father's place5
A novelist rescued from a car crash realizes his caregiver is actually his captor6
A girl with telekenetic powers uses them against her awful principal and parents7
Interconnected, LA-set drama by PT Anderson that earned Tom Cruise an Oscar nod8
A male stripper teaches a young up-and-comer how to party, pick up women, and earn9
Pygmalion with music, as a snobby professor turns a guttersnipe into a high society dame10
The scheming new Cleveland Indians owner wants her MLB team to lose as much as possible11
A WWII bomber crew must survive its 25th mission, which will allow its whole crew to go home12
A manned journey to the red planet, with Tim Robbins, Gary Sinise, and Don Cheadle, goes awry 13
A powerful but jaded fixer for a NYC law firm played by George Clooney has a crisis of conscience14
Judy Garland features as one of the four Smith sisters in this 1944 color MGM musical set in Missouri15
A young girl, sold to an okiya, rises to become one of the most successful entertainers in 1940s Kyoto16
IMF Agent Ethan Hunt must deal with a sinister mole within his organization and acquire the 'NOC list'17
Gerard Butler plays an ex-biker who finds God and transforms into a gun-toting protector of Sudanese18
This 1966 cult classic -- and MST3K favorite -- is widely considered one of the worst movies ever made19
A frumpy duckling marries someone outside of her ethnic group, leading to major comedic complications20
Elizabeth Olsen's haunted & paranoid cult refugee struggles to reenter normal life in this alliterative film21
Woody Allen and Diane Keaton suspect foul play when their elderly neighbor's wife suddenly drops dead22
Mel Gibson's post-apocalyptic warrior deals with Tina Turner, an arena fight, and an oasis of lost children 23
Agatha Christie's Detective Poirot must uncover a killer on the famous passenger line from Istanbul-Paris 24
Dustin Hoffman plays a 243-year-old eccentric who gives his fantastical toy store to its young manager25

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