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Can you name the movies beginning with each letter of the alphabet?

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Letter & YearMovieGenre (Rd. 1) -- Director -- Star
A: 1979Horror -- Ridley Scott -- Sigourney Weaver
B: 1985Science Fiction -- Zemeckis -- Michael J. Fox
C: 1942Romance -- Michael Curtiz -- Humphrey Bogart
D: 1995Action -- Robert Rodriguez -- Antonio Banderas
E: 1994Biography -- Tim Burton -- Johnny Depp
F: 1971Musical -- Norman Jewison -- Topol
G: 1966Western -- Sergio Leone -- Clint Eastwood
H: 1978Horror -- John Carpenter -- Jamie Lee Curtis
I: 2009War -- Quentin Tarantino -- Brad Pitt
J: 1975Horror -- Steven Spielberg -- Roy Scheider
K: 1933Monster -- Merian C. Cooper -- Fay Wray
L: 2003Romance -- Sofia Coppola -- Bill Murray
M: 2000Thriller -- Christopher Nolan -- Guy Pearce
N: 1994Crime -- Oliver Stone -- Woody Harrelson
O: 2001Caper -- Steven Soderbergh -- George Clooney
P: 1960Horror -- Alfred Hitchcock -- Anthony Perkins
Q: 2008Spy -- Marc Forster -- Daniel Craig
R: 2000Drama -- Darren Aronofsky -- Ellen Burstyn
S: 1991Horror -- Jonathon Demme -- Jodie Foster
T: 1956Epic -- Cecil B. DeMille -- Charlton Heston
U: 1992Western -- Clint Eastwood -- Clint Eastwood
V: 2006Action -- James McTeigue -- Natalie Portman
W: 1992Comedy -- Penelope Spheeris -- Mike Myers
X: 2000Superhero -- Bryan Singer -- Hugh Jackman
Y: 1983Musical -- Barbra Streisand -- Barbra Streisand
Z: 2001Comedy -- Ben Stiller -- Ben Stiller
Letter & YearMovieGenre (Rd. 1) -- Director -- Star
A: 1950Joseph L. Mankiewicz -- Bette Davis
B: 1995Richard Linklater -- Ethan Hawke
C: 1974Roman Polanski -- Jack Nicholson
D: 2006Martin Scorsese -- Leonardo DiCaprio
E: 1980David Lynch -- John Hurt
F: 1996The Coen Brothers -- Frances McDormand
G: 1981Peter Weir -- Mel Gibson
H: 1994Peter Jackson -- Kate Winslet
I: 2005Michael Bay -- Ewan McGregor
J: 1996Peter Levant -- Arnold Schwarzenegger
K: 1956Walter Lang -- Yul Brynner
L: 1997Curtis Hanson -- Kevin Spacey
M: 1964Robert Stevenson -- Julie Andrews
N: 1988David Zucker -- Leslie Nielsen
O: 1983John Glen -- Roger Moore
P: 2004Mel Gibson -- Jim Caviezel
Q: 1994Robert Redford -- Ralph Fiennes
R: 1988Barry Levinson -- Dustin Hoffman
S: 1978Richard Donner -- Christopher Reeve
T: 2005Trey Parker -- Matt Stone
U: 1992Andrew Davis -- Steven Seagal
V: 2004Stephen Sommers -- Hugh Jackman
W: 2009Zach Snyder -- Jackie Earle Haley
X: 2002Rob Cohen -- Vin Diesel
Y: 1938Frank Capra -- Lionel Barrymore
Z: 1964Cy Endfield -- Michael Caine

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