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What did Tom take around the Caribbean on his vacation?
What did Heath use to record his business transactions?
What did Cary use to finance his scientific research?
What did Vin use to fill up his truck's gas tank?
What was Emma unable to get blood from?
How did Reese eat her ice cream?
What did Lucille like to throw around?
What did Nicolas have to break out of?
Who was Denzel's favorite U.S. President?
What was Naomi's preferred unit of power?
What style of dance was Christoph best at?
What did Judy have placed around her neck?
What was Joaquin's favorite mythological bird?
What was Shirley's preferred house of worship?
What meat did Kevin like adding to every meal?
What type of evergreen tree was in Chris backyard?
What did Orlando do that produced flower blossoms?
What did Jeff drive over to get in and out of Manhattan?
What position did James accept at the head of his college?
Which direction might Mae have gone had she been a young man?

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