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Can you name the World War II Movies from the battle/situation?

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Air War Over Germany1990: Michael Caton-Jones
Ardennes Offensive1965: Ken Annakin
Attack on Pearl Harbor1970: Fleischer/Fukasaku/Masuda
Battle of the Atlantic1981: Wolfgang Peterson
Battle of Berlin2004: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Battle of Britain1969: Guy Hamilton
Battle of France2007: Joe Wright
Battle of Guadacanal1998: Terrence Malick
Battle of the Hurtgen Forest1998: John Irvin (TV)
Battle of Iwo Jima2006: Clint Eastwood
Battle of Stalingrad2001: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Behind Enemy Lines: Canada1941: Michael Powell
Behind Enemy Lines: England1976: John Sturges
Behind Enemy Lines: France2009: Quentin Tarantino
Behind Enemy Lines: Greece1961: J. Lee Thompson
Behind Enemy Lines: Russia1977: Sam Peckinpah
Doolittle Raid2001: Michael Bay
Home Front: America1992: Penny Marshall
Home Front: Britain1987: John Boorman
Home Front: France1987: Louis Malle
Home Front: Germany1990: Agnieszka Holland
Home Front: Japan1988: Isao Takahata
Home Front: Russia1957: Mikhail Kalatozov
Invasion of Normandy1998: Stephen Spielberg
Malmedy Massacre2003: Ryan Little
Operation Chastise1955: Michael Anderson
Operation Market Garden1977: Richard Attenborough
Operation Shingle1968: Coletti/Dymtyrk
Prison Camp: China1987: Steven Spielberg
Prison Camp: Germany1953: Billy Wilder
Prison Camp: Thailand1957: David Lean
Czech Resistance1966: Jiri Menzel
Dutch Resistance2006: Paul Verhoeven
French Resistance1969: Jean-Pierre Melville
German Resistance2005: Marc Rothemund
Warsaw Uprising1957: Andrzej Wajda
Western Desert Campaign1943: Zoltan Korda

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