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AThis film is tied (with Titanic) for the most nominations in Oscar history
BThe first (of 2 with Up's recent nod) animated Best Picture nominee
CWon the most Oscars (8) for a film that didn't get Best Picture
DGot 4 nominations for acting (and no wins) at the 2009 ceremony
EThe director of Gandhi publicly admitted his film should have lost to this one
FA gritty New York thriller and 1971 Best Picture winner
GThe first foreign-language film to be nominated for best picture
HReleased in 1948, this was the first non-American film (British) to win Best Picture
IFirst film to sweep the 'big five' awards
JMid-70s box-office smash and Best Picture nominee
KDirected by Roland Joffe, it lost Best Picture to Amadeus
LWent 11 for 11 despite no acting nominations
MOnly X-rated film to win Best Picture
NSecond consecutive Fellini film to take home Best Foreign-Language Film
OBest picture winner and first of two Oscars for Brando
PHitchcock's final Best Director nomination
Q1994 Best Picture Nominee
RThere have been many adaptations of this play by the Bard; the 1936 one got a Best Picture nod
SLast comedy to win Best Picture
TShares the record for most nominations (11) without a victory
UWon Best Picture and Gene Hackman's second award
VPeter O'Toole's most recent (and still unsuccesful) attempt to snag an Oscar
WHarrison Ford's only Oscar nomination came for this film
XThis series has made 786 million through 4 films with nary an Oscar nod
Y2000 Best Original Screenplay/Actress nominee (Laura Linney)
ZThis 1964 film with Anthony Quinn got 7 nominations (including Picture) and won 3

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