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Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
2003: RomanceBill Murray and Scar-Jo meet up in Tokyo
2001: ComedyBlondes are people too! And good lawyers
2003: RomanceEnsemble piece with lots of Brits in love
1997: ComedyJim Carrey gets a somewhat clever script
2009: DramaGerard Butler vs legal system, logic, sense
1993: ActionKid is transported into an Ah-nold movie
1989: ComedyTravolta babysits, woos Kirstie Alley, clearly needs work before Pulp Fiction
1979: ComedyMonty Python takes on the story of Jesus
1963: DramaMr. Poitier helps some nuns, wins Oscar
1988: AnimatedAnimated dinosaur story has TEN sequels
1998: SciFiTV show adaptation knocked Titanic off #1
1993: HorrorLittle Irish midget creature as crazed killer
1997: CreaturePerfunctory Jurassic Park sequel
2006: FantasyMuch-loathed M. Night Shyamalan film
1963/90: Allegory/AdventureIt's Ralph vs. Jack in the adaptation of the book we all read in high school
1970: RomanceLove, apparently, means not saying 'sorry'
1989: AnimatedDisney rose from the dead with this flick
2003: WarTom Cruise in Avatar-ish film set in Japan
1997: ComedyBenigni shows us how fun the Holocaust is
1972: DramaBrando wants you to pass him the butter
1989: SpyTimothy Dalton almost ruins Bond franchise
1987: ActionMel Gibson's mullet kicks some badguy ass
1987: BiopicBest Picture winner about Chinese monarch
1992: SportsGirls play baseball, make a decent movie
1994: Neo-noirLinda Fiorentino as film's most evil woman
1994: SportsThe little Cowboys must be defeated by the scrappiest underdogs ever assembled
2001: ActionAngelina Jolie with phony boobs, accent
1978: MusicScorsese-directed doc about The Band
1962: DramaKubrick tackles notorious Nabakov novel
Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
1994: AnimatedDisney + Songs + Hamlet + Lions = $$$
1999: CreatureHelp! A giant, bad-CGI crocodile is loose!
1976: SciFiMichael York must run, fight bad special FX
1938: MysteryHitchcock flick about a disappearing dame
2007: DramaSweetest movie ever made about sex dolls
1973/2009: HorrorPersonally I'd rather go to the first house on the right: it sounds less creepy
1962: EpicPeter O'Toole does minor stuff during WWI
1995: DramaNic Cage back when he was a great actor
2000: ComedyAdam Sandler alienates fans with weird film
1944: ThrillerWWII-set Hitchcock film set on a little boat
1985: FantasyYoung Tom Cruise in boring fantasy film
1975: ComedyWoody Allen's homage to Russian novels
1945: DramaBest Picture winner about alcoholism
1992: WarDaniel Day-Lewis as hunky Hawkeye in steamy 1700s period romance
2006: DramaEastwood's non-stupid Iwo Jima film
2007: ActionNew Hampshire's motto + John McClane =
1931: Gangster'Mother of this the end of Rico?'
1974/2005: SportsJailed NFL player must triumph over prison guards on the gridiron, stupid plot twists
1997: CrimeStylish neo-noir about cops in Los Angeles
2008: HorrorNon-stupid, non-Twilighty story of a young vampire who falls in love with a human
2006: DramedyCrowd-pleasing indie about beauty pageant
1955: AnimatedDogs share spaghetii and meatballs. Awww
1987: Cult80s teen vampire film...with both Coreys!
2009: DramaPeter Jackson makes a big-budget flop
2006: DramaSurveillance in Cold War-era East Berlin
2006: DramaMisleading title: it's actually about Uganda
2008: SportsNo one cared about Clooney's football film
2007: DramaAng Lee's overlong, NC-17-rated WWII tale

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