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Can you name the movies which begin with 'H'?

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Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
2007: MusicalTravolta plays a fat Baltimore woman. Yep.
1991: FamilySpielberg royally screws up Peter Pan
2001: ThrillerDr. Lecter returns in over-the-top sequel
2008: SuperheroWill Smith as a hero who needs an agent
2009: ComedyInvolving a missing groom, a baby, & a tiger
1999: PrisonRubin Carter's story, missing a fact or two
2000: RomanceJohn Cusack's all-time Top 5 breakups
1952: WesternGary Cooper does what a man's gotta do
1997: AnimatedDisney makes Greek myths family-friendly
1964: MusicThe Fab Four have comical misadventures
1995: CrimePacino and DeNiro sit down for some coffee
1961: Drama/RomancePaul Newman loses big pool game, grows as a person, wins big pool game
1950: FantasyJimmy Stewart has invisible rabbit friend
1941: GangsterBogart gives the gangster genre a swansong
1986: WarClint leads Marines in attack on Grenada
1990: FamilyLittle sociopath tortures would-be burglars
2007: ComedyPegg and Frost reteam for cop/buddy film
1986: ActionImmortal Scottish swordsman movie which somehow merited many sequels
1978: HorrrorIllinois babysitters butchered by Austin Powers?
2008: HorrorEvil poison trees attack Mark Wahlberg
1990: ActionConnery = least convincing Russian ever
1994: FantasyPeter Jackson takes on NZ true crime story
2006: AnimatedThe natural result of 2006's penguin craze
1977: HorrorWes Craven makes cannibals seem boring
2005: ComedyWill Smith as 'date-doctor' who needs love
1987: HorrorClive Barker makes Pinhead a cult favorite
2005: CrimeViggo confronts his checkered past
2003: SuperheroAng Lee makes bloated, dull superhero film
1981: ComedyMel Brooks beginning his not-funny phase
Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
1959/99: HorrorCan you survive one night in the...
1987: WarWorld War II as a young boy's playground
2002: DramaMiddling Oscar-bait with Streep & Kidman
1991: SpoofTop Gun gets the Airplane! treatment
1989: Adventure/FamilyNutty inventor compresses neighborhood children, ends up solving family problems
1994: DocumentaryInner-city black youth have basketball dreams: things don't turn out well
1993: FamilyWisecracking pets try to find their owners
2000: HorrorScientist turns invisible, quickly psychotic
1989: WarKenneth Branagh fights at Agincourt
1996: ComedyHockey skills translate to golf very readily
1968: WesternClint survives hanging, seeks revenge
2008: WarBomb-disarmer feels that war is a drug
1992: DramaWoody Allen's lacerating take on marriage
1962: WesternBig ensemble western filmed in Cinerama
1941: DramaThe answer is 'Very green, before the coal'
2005: HorrorEli Roth convinces Americans to stay home
2009: RomanceEnsemble romantic schlock-fest
2001: FantasyReins of multi-billion dollar franchise based on popular books given to Chris Columbus
2003: DramaKingsley and Connelly fight over a house
1986: SportsHackman leads Indianans through formula
2004: Drama/WarHotel manager fights against genocide
1987: ThrillerThe world of conmen, in Mamet's first film
1989: SchoolWinona Ryder in off-beat black comedy
1987: WarUS Soldiers are turned into ground round
2004: SuperheroRon Perlman in a lesser Del Toro work
1940: Screwball'The Front Page,' but with a chick as Hildy
1993: FamilyBette Midler = perfectly cast as witch
1991: ActionOne of Bruce Willis's many box office duds

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