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Chain 1: From Triple-Crosses to Tripods
(1966) Sergio Leone film about three men searching for Confederate loot 
(2010) Gerard Butler/Katherine Heigl rom-com 
(1996) Uma Thurman in a romantic comedy that doesn't lie about common household pets 
(1980) Christopher Walken is a mercenary in Africa 
(2005) Aliens come to earth in HG Wells adaptation 
Chain 2: From Vader to Verne
(1977) Being the adventures of Messrs Skywalker, Solo, Kenobi and company 
(1986) World War II through a British child's eyes 
(2006) White coach leads all-black NCAA team 
(2000) College students go from Ithaca to Austin to retrieve an accidentally-sent videotape 
(1902) Very early, very influential French SciFi film 
Chain 3: From Malkovich to Minnesota
(1997) Inmates take over a prison plane 
(1994) Kevin Bacon travels to Africa to recruit a promising basketballer 
(2007) Evil oilman looks for oil, milkshakes to suck up 
(1984) The Coen brothers' first film is a slick neo-noir 
(1998) Three men find 4 million dollars in a gym bag 
Chain 4: From Weather to the Weary Kind
(1952) Classic musical with Gene Kelly, precipitation 
(1988) Salesman roadtrips with idiot savant brother 
(1974) Bond faces off against assassin Scaramanga 
(1950) Noir film about a couple who love firearms 
(2009) An Oscar-winning Jeff Bridges stars as washed-up musician Bad Blake 
Chain 5: From Cha-Ka to the Caped Crusader
(2009) Will Ferrell resurrects cult 70s TV series 
(1987) Teen vampires in California, with both Coreys! 
(1999) Hilary Swank won an Oscar for her performance as transgendered Brandon Teena 
(1988) A dingo eats Meryl Streep's baby 
(2008) The Joker has Gotham running scared. Again.  
Chain 6: From the Projects to the Paranormal
(2000) Ice Cube returns for another day-themed movie 
(1989) The hockey-masked killer heads for the Big Apple 
(1993) Woody Allen comedy about a killing in New York 
(1999) An unconventional superhero film featuring The Shoveler, Mr. Furious, and the Blue Raja 
(2009) Clooney and Bridges gaze at farm animals 

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