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Chain 1: From Bacon to Bond
(1995) There's been a killing in Alcatraz prison 
(1995) Connery and Gere as Round Table warriors 
(2010) Cruise and Diaz in lukewarm action/comedy 
(2004) Global warming attacks the world 
(1997) James Bond takes on a media-mogul type 
Chain 2: From Sin to Somalia
(2005) Rodriguez-helmed Frank Miller adaptation 
(1995) Mad scientist seeks to steal kids' dreams 
(2006) Clive Owen protects the world's only mother 
(1997) Agent J and K protect earth from evil aliens 
(2001) U.S. troops are cut off in Mogadishu 
Chain 3: From Consumerism to the CIA
(1978) Zombies vs. four people in a shopping mall 
(1995) Jim Jarmusch western with Johnny Depp 
(1956) Hitchcock remakes his own film for the only time, adds Jimmy Stewart & Doris Day 
(1993) Comedic Shakespeare adaptation about a man and woman who claim they'll never fall in love 
(2008) Kate Beckinsale film about the Plame Affair 
Chain 4: From Bleedin' Loverly to Ballerinas
(1964) Henry Higgins revamps Eliza Doolittle 
(2006) M. Night Shyamalan's career goes downhill with this tale of narfs and scrunts 
*(1995) Kevin Costner as a gill-toting mutant 
(2006) Oliver Stone's subdued take on 9/11 
(2000) Dancers from various backgrounds compete at the American Ballet Academy 
Chain 5: From Pride Rock to Pan-Am
(1994) Disney animators tell an African story 
(1956) Anna meets the ruler of Siam 
(1997) A group of friends accidentally kill a man...but he's not dead and wants revenge 
(2001) Freddie Prinze Jr. as a promising baseballer 
(2002) A con artist poses as a pilot, doctor & lawyer 
Chain 6: From Saferooms to Streetraces
(2000) Jodie Foster and daughter vs. home invader 
(1985) Merchant-Ivory production of Forster's novel about a young woman in Edwardian England 
(1985) Roger Moore vs. Chris Walken in Bond 14 
(2004) Uma Thurman defeats her nemesis at last 
(2003) Paul Walker is back to drive more fast cars 

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