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Updated Jul 1, 2014

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Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
2001: Comedy/RomanceInsufferable French girl meddles with other people's lives
1958: ComedyLiberal aunt exposes boy to sex, alcohol
1997: AnimatedRussian history is totally ignored
1999: DramaSpacey gives his last good performance
1980: Comedy'Surely you can't be serious...'
1950: DramaMachiavellian dealings in the theater
1987: ComedyBabysitter forced to sing the blues
1995: Comedy'Pet detective' somehow nets 2nd movie
1998: Action/AdventureOil drillers, Michael Bay take on asteroid
2004: Adventure/WarBi-curious Greek tries to conquer world
1944: Comedy/ThrillerMan learns his aunts are homicidal maniacs
1960: ComedyComedy about adultery, attempted suicide
2005: DocumentaryComedians tell same joke for 89 minutes
2000: DramaRock stars turn out to be immature, selfish
1990: Thriller/Comedy'Thrill-omedy' about evil, evil spiders
1997: FamilyDogs are allowed to play basketball
1951: DramaA reporter manufactures a media circus
1984: Drama/MusicA musician wishes it was he who was beloved of God
2004: BiographyRich recluse collects his urine in bottles
1988: DramaJodie Foster refuses to be a victim
1960: WarOver-actors gallantly fight evil Mexicans
1992: ComedyBruce Campbell is sent to the Middle Ages
1995: DramaHouston is informed about a problem
1997: DramedyJack Nicholson has OCD, grows heart
1966: Comedy/DramaMichael Caine is a complete cad
1998: Drama/ThrillerIan McKellen as a grandfatherly Nazi
1999: ComedyThe sweetest movie about pie-sex ever made
1999: HorrorDemure Japanese girl is not what she seems
1930: WarWorld War I is not a lot of fun
Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
1978: ComedyLarry and Togas and Beer, oh my!
1999: ComedySatire is eschewed for poop-drinking jokes
1998: AnimatedWoody Allen is neurotic even with 6 legs
1979: MusicalFellini's 8 1/2...with jazz hands
1999: DocumentaryNo-talent & drug addict try to make movie
1979: Horror/SciFiThe Nostromo gets an 8th passenger
2004: Action/SciFiTwo franchises are destroyed in one film
1979: DisasterThe Concorde lands safely on a mountain
2000: Drama/HorrorExcess (and chainsaws) in the 80's
1994: FamilyBaseball team gets divine guidance
1997: ActionHarrison Ford demands exit from his plane
1979: War'My film isn't about Vietnam: it IS Vietnam'
2002: DramaScreenwriter Kaufman explores his issues
1977: Comedy/RomanceWoody Allen wins, then loses title character
1992: AnimatedPuffy-pants Princess falls for annoying street rat
2007: Romance/WarSelfish little brat ruins two lives forever
2007: FamilyChipmunks sing and dance for 92 minutes
1997: Adventure/HorrorJ-Lo battles snake, Jon Voight's accent
1973: Drama110 minutes of nostalgia for the early 60s
1954: AnimatedOrwell's allegory is UK's first animated film
2009: Action/SciFiDances with Wolves in space...with 3D!
2007: MusicalBeatles music with worse vocalists
1951: AnimatedGirl encounters world of drug references
1998: DramaRacism + hatred = bad
2009: Comedy/RomanceComing of age in a 1980s amusement park
1951: Adventure/RomanceBogart + Hepburn = worst couple ever
1976: Drama/HistoryTwo reporters unravel a tedious conspiracy
1979: HorrorEvil house terrorizes family, priest

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