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Can you name the Super Smash Bros Items?

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Best used on an amusement park car
Traps the player in the ground
If it squeaks, its fake
Next time order it mild
Help a friend or hurt a foe
Projectiles won't stand a chance against you
Use them wisely, they have a large range
Slip, Slide and Fall
Collect all 3
Use it and its the 4th of July
Knock one out of the park
Don't get frostbite
A ball of goodies for all
Better suited for Star Wars
Don't plant these in your flower box
Tap A rapidly for maximum damage
Throw em, roll em, and break em
Gotta catch em all
Let them lend a helping hand
Hang on tight and let it fly
Slow down and relax
Makes you shockingly tiny
Rapid fire or charge it up
Jump like the bounty hunter
A classic KO maker
Flower power
Attack it too much you might regret it
Break it open and see what's inside
Reduce damage by 100 percent points
Beat him up and see what falls
Reduce damage by 50 percent points
Flinch-less, yet slow and heavy
Speedy, jumpy, and furry
Grow like a plumber
Shrink like a plumber
Don't step too close...
Slides across the stage, heating up the competition
Unleash hell...

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