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The only hat to be classified in all genres.
Originally sold for 2012 ROBUX
12310 of this item were released.
Was released on Black Friday weekend 2011, a retexture of a notorious 'ODing' hair
The first published retexture of W. Incs Designer Sunglasses
Named after Classicx89
Originally cost 26,100 ROBUX
This hat is shaped like a 20-Sided dice, was found in a ROBLOX egg hunt.
Knight of the Fade was a retexture of this.
This hat came out on Valentine's Day 2012 for 10000 ROBUX and is smaller then it's retextures.
Given away in a gift for having over 100 messages in your inbox
Went limited on Black Friday 2011, named after Clockwork
The first limited Gear.
The only limited gear that has 'Pony' in it's name.
Originally cost 1337 ROBUX, and had 133 in stock.
Has a counterpart, called 'Evil Duck'
The first limited hat to come out at 6 AM EST on Black Friday 2011
Similar to a Portal Gun, shoots portals and you can jump into one and land out the other.
A :( Hat released in March 2011Type the :( part first
The last sword released that is needed to make the 'Season Sword'
Was originally sold for Tix. Has an exact copy called 'Bling Boy's Raiment'
Was given out at Yorick's Resting Place
The second gear to be published from Sword Fights on the Heights
Originally cost 777 ROBUX, with 77 in stock.
A gear that shoots jars of Peanut Butter.
The only Limited face with no color.
Originally cost 2947 ROBUX, with 47 in stock
Based off of Jason Vorhees's mask in the Friday the 13th series
Retexture of Chrysophylax by RetroTurtle
Named after a Sword Fights on the Heights sword, but has a different mesh and ability.
A Green retexture of 'Ice-Nine Dronehelm' that caused a lot of controversy on the ROBLOX forums
Was given away in the Worlds of Wood Contest
The first Dominus
Originally cost 4 ROBUX, and 444 in stock.
A face that originally went on sale for 1 ROBUX.
Went limited after winning a poll in November 2010
This gear's description is a song in German.
The only :( Hat that if you wear it, is backwards.Type the :( part first
A 'Knight' originally sold for 1000 ROBUX. Has a skull on the forehead, and has two bat wings coming from the sides.
A Red Visor which has a catchphrase used in commercials and advertisements on it
Given away at a Domino Building Contest in 2007
The first retexture of Headrow to be published
The first limited
Named after xMaximusx
Named after Socom1880
A limited hat that came out in August 2011, and glitched out so you could not buy it.
The only black 'eyeball' hat.
A Sword Fights on the Heights sword that was released in 2011
Was given away in the Winter Playland Building Contest
You got this hat for free if you bought Evil Vizer while it was selling out.

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