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Can you name the 41 SINGLE-PLAYER event matches in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

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NumberNameCharacter Used
Event 1Mario
Event 2Fox
Event 3Meta Knight
Event 4Pit
Event 5Pokémon Trainer
Event 6Bowser
Event 7Donkey Kong
Event 8Pikachu
Event 9Ike
Event 10Choose
Event 11Ice Climbers
Event 12Yoshi
Event 13Kirby
Event 14Olimar
Event 15King Dedede
Event 16Zero Suit Samus
Event 17Zelda
Event 18Link
Event 19Wario
Event 20Choose
Event 21Lucas
NumberNameCharacter Used
Event 22Diddy Kong
Event 23Samus
Event 24Captain Falcon
Event 25Lucario
Event 26Ness
Event 27R.O.B.
Event 28Peach
Event 29Choose
Event 30Sonic
Event 31Marth
Event 32Falco
Event 33Ganondorf
Event 34Choose
Event 35Mr. Game & Watch
Event 36Snake
Event 37Toon Link
Event 38Wolf
Event 39Choose
Event 40Choose
Event 41Choose

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