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I just don't get it!
Thirty years ago, they used to be just toys
Hello? Hello? Well you made it this far!
As you can see Pirate Cove is a blank
No doors! No hope!
It's been years, since I've seen a face around here
Five... Night... Five Nights at Freddy
Foxy Jumpscare (HOW'D YOU MISS HIM)
Is this job even worth a damn!?
Open it, please,
In a world I created there's a born new place
This world is a scary place
You watched in horror
Got you now, it's nearly over
Our looks have changed a little
Don't stare for too long at my curse
Your parents clearly trust you to be away, without a phone call
I really hate you
What's behind it? I don't wanna know
Maybe the only reason, why we were left alone

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