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Can you correctly answer whether each of the following things are gold or silver?

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HintG or S
Guarded in Fort Knox
Long John _____ - antagonist in Treasure Island
_____fish - freshwater & aquarium fish
_____ Surfer - Marvel superhero
Quick_____ - another name for Mercury
Sarah _____man - US comedian & actress
_____ eagle - bird of prey
_____stone - site of British Formula 1 Grand Prix
Main colour of soccer World Cup trophy
Platter holding the head of John the Baptist
Cause of 'rush' to California in 1849
_____schl├Ąger - cinnamon schnapps with flakes of _____
The wealthy are born with a _____ spoon in their mouth
_____ halide - ingredient in photographic film
_____ State - nickname of California
Colour of a Terminator's endoskeleton
Y-Wing squadron in attack on the Death Star
Main colour of Superbowl trophy
Colour of 50 Euro cents coin
The _____ screen - the cinema industry
Nancy Kerrigan's medal at 1994 Winter Olympics
HintG or S
The Man with the _____ Gun - 1974 Bond movie
_____ jubilee - 25th anniversary celebration
Outcome of Midas touch
_____ Snitch - ball in Quidditch
_____ and Black - nickname of Raiders NFL team
McDonald's arches
World's second most popular car colour
_____ Globes - movie & TV awards
Colour of a Klingon Bat'leth
Main ingredient in Olympic gold medals
_____fish - small, wingless insect
Etymology of 'Argentina'
_____ Digger - 2005 Kanye West song
ABBA _____ - ABBA's greatest hits album
Old _____ - Wolverhampton Wanderers soccer shirts
The _____ Compass - first His Dark Materials book (US name)
_____back - adult male gorillas
_____ Coast - former name of Ghana
Chemical element Ag
Whoopi _____berg - US comedian & actress
Black and _____ - 2008 Sam Sparro song
_____ Linings Playbook - 2012 movie

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