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Can you correctly answer whether each of the following things are black or white?

Quiz Updated Nov 24, 2015

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HintB or W
Snow _____ - Fairy tale
Combination of all colors in the visible spectrum
8-ball in pool
Saruman the _____
A raven
Main color in goth clothing style
_____ blood cell
First color to move in a game of chess
_____ Knight - never defeated Monty Python swordsman
Clothing worn during a pilgrimage to Mecca
Central stripe on the flags of France & Italy
Drip coffee without additions
_____ cat - a witch's familiar
Jack _____ - musician, ex-husband of Meg
Sirius _____ - character from Harry Potter
_____ ops - covert operations
Jet gemstones
Jack _____ - Actor, comedian, half of Tenacious D
'_____ Hole Sun' - Soundgarden
Darth Vader
HintB or W
_____ Russian - The Dude's mixed drink of choice
Top stripe on the flag of Germany
The Taj Mahal
The ____ House - residence of the US president
'_____ Christmas' - Bing Crosby
_____ cliffs of Dover
_____ Monday - 1987 stock market crash
A beluga whale
_____ Beauty - Anna Sewell novel
_____ Sabbath - Ozzy Osbourne's band
Rabbit that Alice follows to Wonderland
_____ Widow spider
Monarchist army in the 1917 Russian revolution
_____ Men Can't Jump - 1992 movie
_____ flag - symbol of surrender
Absence of or complete absorption of light
'_____ Lines' - Grandmaster Flash
SS uniform
_____adder - classic British sitcom
_____ lie - a benign bit of dishonesty
Majority of piano keys
'Paint it _____' - Rolling Stones

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