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Can you name all of the contestants from the Total Pokemon series?

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The Aussie
The Sheared Sweetheart
The Kind One
The Mother Figure
The Splenetic Special
The Game Junkie
The Farm Boy
The Insane Masochist
The Intense Tomboy
The Creepy Guy
The Indefinite Guy
The Smart-Ass
The Queen B
The Faux Femme Fatale
The Protective One
The Hardy Fossil
The Ultimate Evil
The Selfish One
The Devious
The Innocent
The Detective
The Party Rock
The Super Villain
The Moody Master
The Obsessed
The Sexy Schemer
The Nice Guy
The Dark Side
The Truculent Twin
The Timid Sweetheart
The Nurturing Mother
The Uber Yaoi Lover
The Vengeful One
The X-Factor
The Calm Stalker
The Average Joe
The Fat Hungry Beast
The Fish Outta Water
The Shallow
The Unnoticed One
The Mafia Reject
The Type A
The Unknown Evil
The Careful One
The Dude with the 'Tude
The Caring One
The Heartless Douche
The Optimist
The Smart Girl
The Gentle Giant
The Eye Candy
The Insane One
The Irate One
The No-Nonsense Nuisance
The Average Villain
The Headphone Heroine
The Tantalizing Twin
The Shocking Dissappointment
The Evil Jerkface
The Nice Girl
The Lively Love Life
The Fourth Wall Guy
The Sweet Dark Type
The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
The Optimistic Ornament
The Fearsome Father
The British Bastard
The Feisty Female
The Confident
The Crazy Girl
The Silent Savior
The Brickhouse with Heart
The Dreadful Drake
The Bigot
The Strong, Quiet Sweetheart
The Crafty Crustacean
The Porker
The Sheltered Girl
The Clinically Insane
The Rowdy Regionist
The Prankster
The Tricky Guy
The Passionate Plant
The Arrogant Aristocrat
The Natural Enemy
The Desperate
The Bold and Brash
The Carefree Caregiver
The Friendliest Guy Around
The Actress
The Passionate Stronghold
The Tough Cheerleader
The Chivalrous Samurai
The Quiet Conniver
The Superhero Nerd
The Shy One
The Fan Favorite
The Peaceful One
The Seductress
The Failure
The Doubtful
The Gay Lord
The Bashful Buffalo
The Masterful Magician
The Surly Bird
The Conspiracy Nut
The Ghost with the Most
The Tryhard Peacekeeper
The Songbird
The Violent Vigilante
The Constructive
The Father Figure
The Love Bird
The Food Lover
The Power Player
The Annoying One
The Loner
The Wannabe
The Obsessed Stalker
The Mob Boss
The Gaiety Guy
The Frozen Femme Fatale
The Radical Rival
The Rumbling Homo
The Klutz
The Friendly Ghost
The Gracious Girl
The Captivating
The Mafia Reject's Wife
The Metal Marvel
The Stabby Psycho
The Prissy Bitch
The Peaceful Penguin
The Hoodlum
The Faithful
The Shy Gay
The Bad-Ass
The Wary One
The Savage Sista'
The Focused
The Mysterious Vixen

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