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Can you name the concepts of Piaget's Formal Operational Stage?

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What is the name of the stage in which adolescents develop the capacity for abstract, systematic, and scientific thinking?Child Development-Berk
Around what age do adolescents reach this stage?Child Development-Berk
Starting with a hypothesis, then duducing logical inferences and isolating and combining variables to see which inference is correct is called what?Child Development-Berk
An adolescents' ability to evaluate the logic of propostions without referring to real-world circumstances?Child Development-Berk
A new form of what arises, in which adolescents have difficulty distinguishing their own and others' perspectives?Child Development-Berk
An adolescents' belief that they are the focus of everyone else's attention and concern?Child Development-Berk
An inflated opinion of their own importance because they are sure that others are observing and thinking about them?Child Development-Berk
Focusing on the importance of one's own experiencs may interfere with forming close, rewarding what?Child Development-Berk
The disparity between teenagers' what and adults' more realistic view creates tension between parent and child?Child Development-Berk
True or False: Adolescents are more likely than adults to learn from feedback by revising their decision-making strategies?Child Development-Berk
True or False: Adolescents are more likely than adults to emphasize short-term over long-term goals?Child Development-Berk
What is the idea that the accuracy of conclusions drawn from premises rests on the rules of logic not on real-wold confimation?Child Development-Berk
True or False: The ability to think logically suddenly appears around the time of puberty?Child Development-Berk
Are all adults fully formal operational?Child Development-Berk
The ability to be able to think about your own thinking is known as what?Class Lecture

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