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What Is The Name Of The Creature That Has Patrick Duffy As A Leg?
What Is The Name Of The African Child The Boys Get Instead Of Their Watch?
What Planet Does The Child In The Above Answer Take His People To?
According To The Loverboy Song, Which Two Animals' DNA Just Won't Splice?
Name ONE Of The Celebrities That Fights The Original Mecha Streisand
What Does Chef's Wife Turn Out To Be?
In The South Park Movie, Who Do The Parents Blame For Kenny's Death?
What Is The Name Of Stan's Gay Dog? AND As A Bonus: What Famous Celebrity Provided The Voice?
What Form Of Cancer Does Randy Give Himself To Obtain Medicinal Marijuana?
Whose Two Favorite Things Are: Fightin' And Fightin' Around The World?
What Furry Creature Does Johnny Cochran Use In His Defenses?
Who Does Cartman Dress Up In The Civil War Reenactment?
Where Do Butters's Parents Plan To Take Him For Their Anniversary?
What Do The Kids Build In Order To See Kenny When They Want The Winning Candy Spree Ticket?
In 'Insheepsion', What Famous Character Kills Woodsy The Owl?
What Form Does The Director Of 'Earth' Take In Order Not To Scare The Boys?
Who Kills All The PETA Members?
Who Goes Undercover As The New Girl 'Margorine'?
Other Than Cartman, Who Else Wants Family Guy Off The Air Completely?
According To The Girls' Rigged List, Who Is The Cutest Boy In School?
Who Is The Ugliest?
What Kind Of Kids Do The Goth Kids Hate?
Who Is The Class President That Cartman Keeps Attacking On The Morning Annoucements? BONUS 2: Which Director Does The President Sell 'Dances With Smurfs' To?
What Is The Name Of The Book That The Boys Write that makes everyone vomit?
Due To His Rare Bone Disease, What Word Does The Owner Of The Planetarium Have Trouble With?
In The Episode 'Super Fun Time', Mr. Garrison Instructs Butters To Not To Let Go Of What?
What South Park Symbol Does Chef Go Nanners Over?
What Product Does Cartman Drink In Order To Become Stupid Enough To Race In NASCAR?
Who Keeps Tearing Down The City Wall That Is Put Up To Stop Child Abduction?
Which Three Kids Make Up The Band Faith + 1?
In 'A Quest for Ratings', What Are The Students Drinking To Get High?
When Nanny 911 And Super Nanny Fail To Train Cartman, Which TV Show Is Chosen Next?
What Is The Bomb Called That Is Found In Hillary Clinton?
What Does Bridan Guermo Want To Do Instead Of Sing And Dance?
What Does The Burning Lower Case T Mean In The Episode 'Here Comes The Neighborhood'?
What Do The Boys Take From Other Kids When They Work With Loogie And The Mob?
Who Do The South Park Kids Worship When All Their Parents Are Sent To Jail For Molestation?
What Do The Doctors Replace Kenny's Heart With In The South Park Movie?
What Is Misterion's Super Power?
Who Does Cartman's Uncle Howard Break Out Of Prison With?
What Does Cartman Do To Reveal Himself As Awesome-O?
What Song Do The Townspeople Sing When They Burn Down Wall Mart?
Name ONE Of The Three People Satan Sends To Pick Up His Ferrari Cake
What Does Everyone Mistake The Wrestling Coaches Wrestling Videos As?
Who Beats Up The Jonas Brothers For Talking Back?
If Kenny Is In A Persistant Vegetative State, What Is The One Place He Doesn't Want To Be Shown?
What Is The Name Of The Baby Killer That The Mob With Them Wants To Free When The Boys Are Stealing 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'?
Instead Of Homosexuals, What Group Of People Does The F Word Refer To?
What Country Is Nuked Because They Want To Tell The Space Cops About The Space Cash?
What Causes All Men To Cheat On Women?
What Is The Name Of The New Jersey Creature That Wants To Have Sex With Everyone?
What Does Cartman Make Fun Of To The Point That Wendy Kicks His Butt?
What Is The Device That Mr. Garrison Invents To Compete Against The Airlines?
In 'Fatbeard', What Weapon Does Kevin Stoley Use To Scare The French Into Giving Them The Boat?
During The Boys' Little League Games, Who Is Always Taken By Police While Screaming 'It's America!'?
According To Cartman In The Episode 'Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow', What Do All Jews Carry Around Their Necks?
In The Episode 'Asspen', What Is The Only Way To Get Good At Something Really Quickly i.e. Stan Becoming A Good Skier? (HINT: 'Rocky' Had One)
To Get Back At Stan's And Butters's Parents For The Future Self Lie, What Does Cartman Suggest To Smear On The Walls Of Their Homes?
Who Took The Dookie In The Urinal?
What Is The Smuggiest City In The United States?
What Is The Name Of The Club That Brainwashes Chef In The 10th Season?
Who Switches Places With Blanket In Order To Save Him From Mr. Jefferson?
What Is The Cure For AIDS?
Which Superhero Defeated Cthulhu (Kah thoo loo)?
What Is The Catch Phrase That Obama/McCain/Palin/Michelle Use?
How Does Randy Apologize To Jesse Jackson?
What Toy Does Cartman Freeze Himself For Because He Couldn't Wait Any Longer For It? (HINT: He Ends Up In The Year 2546 Because Of It)
Mr. Cartmanez Teaches His Kids How To _____ Properly. BONUS 3: What Is This Method Called?
Where Does Kyle Go For His Birthday That Cartman Desperately Wants To Go But Isn't Invited?
What Is The Name Of Satan's New Lover That Saddam Tries To Kill?
Who Is The Creator Of The Show 'Close Up Animals With A Wide Angle Lens'?
Who Was Going To Interview Cartman About His Tourette Syndrome?
What Do Homeless People Feed Off Of?
What Is The Name Of The Game That Stan Buys After Guitar Hero?
What Kind Of People Want To Take Over The Bar 'Les Bos'?
What Restaurant Do The Boys Use To Obtain A Bunch Of Money Just Like Jared From 'Subway'?
Which Country's Spaceport Do The Boys Use To Send Willzyx On A Rocket?
Where Did They Send Him?
What Disease Does Randy Have That He Believes Will Be Cured By The Virgin Mary's Butt Blood?
What Is The Name Of Timmy's Pet Turkey In 'Helen Keller! The Musical'?
What Child Does Stan's Pee Wee Hockey Team Get As A Ringer?
What Is Shot In Kenny's Or Gerald's Face When They Are Cheesing?
In The Episode 'The China Problem', Where Is The Only Place Butters Shoots Someone?
What Kind Of Bands Keep The Giant Guinea Pigs Away?
What Show Do The Crab People Use To Turn Everyone Metrosexual?
What Product Does Sharon Marsh Buy When Randy Keeps Watching Cooking Shows?
When The Boys Go To Canada To Get Back Ike From His Real Parents, Who Do They Find Pretending To Be The Prime Minister?
Who Cheats In The Special Olympics And Wins?
Who Cheats And Fails Miserably?
What Is The Bad Slur For The Time Immigrants?
Who Is the Mother Of Terrance's Child? BONUS 4: Who Does She Sleep With When Terrance Goes To Iraq?
What Does Towlie Constantly Do?
What Disease Does The Doctor Think Everyone Has When They Become Zombies During Halloween? BONUS 5: What Magazine Is Cartman's Mom On The Front Cover Of That The Boys Find?
Name ONE Of The Events Where Cartman Uses The Sunset Room At The Airport Hilton
What Appliance Of Randy's Does Stan Try To Return That Is Valued At 90 Trillion Dollars?
Who Does Cartman Dress Up As When He Becomes The Hall Monitor?
Which Staff Member At South Park Elementary Has Conjoined Twin Myslexia?
What Game Did Stan Win In Order To Destroy His Facebook Account?
What Did Stan Call Tom Cruise That Made Him Angry And Eventually File A Class Action Lawsuit?
Who Is Cartman's Half Brother?

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