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Can you pick whether the larger/greater answer is This (A) or That (B)?

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Which is greater?Answer
Age of (A) The Roman Colosseum or (B) Acropolis?
Extends farther to the north (A) Finland's mainland or (B) Norway's mainland?
Higher gross per capita income (A) Denmark or (B) Luxembourg?
Extends farther to the south (A) Cyprus or (B) Malta?
Passengers per year (A) Paris-Charles de Gaulle or (B) Frankfurt Airport?
Consumes more meat per capita (A) Estonia or (B) Denmark?
Longer river (A) Rhine or (B) Rhone?
Consumes more beer (A) Czech Republic or (B) Austria?
Hosted more World Cups (A) Italy or (B) United Kingdom?
Length of (A) Russia (East to West) or (B) Diameter of Earth's Moon?
Number of Gold Medals in Winter Olympics (A) Switzerland or (B) Finland?
Area of (A) Iceland or (B) Hungary?
Population of (A) Rome or (B) Berlin?
Area of (A) Lithuania or (B) Latvia?
Population of (A) Budapest, Hungary or (B) Bucharest, Romania?
Population of (A) Greater London or (B) Sweden?
Higher Peak (A) Triglav, Slovenia or (B) Mount Korab, Albania/Macedonia?
Value of (A) One Euro or (B) One British Pound?
Height of (A) The Shard or (B) The Eiffel Tower?
More universities (A) Belgium or (B) Netherlands?
More lakes (A) Ukraine or (B) Finland?
Total Nobel Prizes (A) Austria or (B) Denmark?
Native speakers (world) of (A) French or (B) German?
Population of (A) Spain or (B) Poland?

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