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Can you name the Mineral Formulae?

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Mineral NameFormulaMineral Species
MagnetiteOxide - Spinel structure
HercyniteOxide - Spinel structure
HematiteOxide - Corundum structure
GoethiteHydroxide - Diaspore structure
GibbsiteHydroxide - Brucite structure
ChromiteOxide - Spinel structure
WustiteOxide - Periclase structure
IlmeniteOxide - Corundum structure
DiasporeHydroxide - Diaspore structure
Mineral NameFormulaMineral Species
MagnesiowustiteOxide - Periclase structure
PyrolusiteOxide - Rutile structure
PericlaseOxide - Periclase structure
RutileOxide - Rutile structure
CassiteriteOxide - Rutile structure
BruciteHydroxide - Brucite structure
SpinelOxide - Spinel structure
GahniteOxide - Spinel structure
CorundumOxide - Corundum structure

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