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Can you name the answers to the questions asked about Weird Al's 'White and Nerdy'?

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What is Weird Al mowing in the beginning of the song?
Weird Al was first in his class at what college?
Weird Al is a champion at what?
What of Weird Al's is 'totally pimped out'?
How many digits of pi does Weird Al know?
Instead of grillz, Weird Al still wears what?
Instead of a 'gat', Weird Al has what?
What is Weird Al's favorite theme song?
Weird Al rolls on what in the second chorus?
Which comic books does Weird Al collect?
Weird Al must protect what in his pocket?
Weird Al edits what?
If Weird Al recited 'Holy Grail' right now, what whill he have you doing?
Weird Al made a homepage for his what?
The Gap was having a sale on what?
What is Weird Al whiter than?
What were the three clubs Weird Al was a member of?
What were the three clubs Weird Al was a member of?
What were the three clubs Weird Al was a member of?
What is on the back of Weird Al's underwear?

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Created Nov 1, 2009ReportNominate
Tags:asked, nerdy, weird, white

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