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Forced Order
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What is Eric's last name?
Who is Eric's father?
What magazine is Cartman's mom on the cover of?
What does Stan's father do for a living?
What does Stan's grandfather call Stan?
What does Stan's sister call Stan?
What's Stan's sister's name?
What does Kyle's father do for a living?
What is the Brovloski's religion?
What is the only religion that gets into heaven?
Who is 'the greatest person to ever live?
Originally, what did Jimbo and Ned say to justify shooting wild animals?
What is the correct age to start having sex according to Chef?
What is Chef's first name?
What was the name of the song that Alanis Morisesette stole from Chef?
What is the name of Jimbo and Ned's public access TV show?
What is Stan's World of Warcraft user name?
What is the name of the item what Randy has to give to Stan in World of Warcraft?
What is Scott Tenorman's favorite band?
What is the name of the boy's rock band?
What is the name of the boy's boy band?
What is the name of Cartman's Christian rock band?
What was the name of the Christian rock band Cartman locked in the closet in order to play at Christfest?
What did Cartman use stemcells to build instead of using them to save Kenny
What is the name of the little monkey person that follows around Dr. Mephesto?
What are the writers for the show 'Family Guy'?
Where do the boy's send the whale Willzyx for the aquarium?
If you say this person's name in the mirror three times, he will appear and shoot you.
For his 'Hell on Earth', Satan wants what kind of cake?
What does he actually get?
What is the name of the store in the mall that Paris Hilton opens?
Who does Paris Hilton have a '****-off' with?
Who wins?
What does Cartman call ginger kids like Kyle?
What is the name of the 'stop smoking' group that comes to South Park elementary?
According to chinpokomon, what is the primary main objective?
When the boys go to DC to play their recorders, what word do they make up to try and fool the New Yorker kids?
What is NAMBLA?
What is the other NAMBLA?
What does the robot form the future programed to destroy Cartman's trapper keeper say his name is?
What TV show is Cartman's trapper keeper themed?
What is Bebe's last name?
When the boy's are trying to save movies from their directors reanimating them, what do they put on the flyer to get more people?
When the boys are trying to break into Dynacorp, what melody does Towelie play on the key pad?
In Asspen, the ski instructor Thumper tells the boys to put the skiis in the shape of a _____ to slow down and _____ to speed up.
Who is the biggest douche in the Universe?
What eats the Little Woodland Critters every year from keeping the Anti-Christ from being born every year?
What do you call a Jewish woman's boobs?
What do the boys think Father Maxi wants to shove up their butts?
What is the antidote to Ritalin?

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