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QUIZ: Can you name the awesome south park quotes?

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QuoteAnswerCharacter, Episode
'Oh my God, theykilled Kenny...'Stan then Kyle, Common Phrase
'Respect my...'-Cartman, Common Phrase
'They took our...'-Towns people, Goobacks (8th season)
'I've been licking this carpet for three hours and I still don't feel like a...'-Cartman, Tom's Rhinoplasty (1st season)
'Gentleman, this could very well lead to the end of the world...'-Blizzard CEO, Make love, not Warcraft (10th season)
'And the winner of the costume contest is... Wendy! for her...'-Mr. Garrison, Pinkeye and Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery (3rd season)
'I'm afraid Earth, all of Earth is a intergalacitic televsion show' 'Oh my God...'-Towns people, Cancelled (7th season)
'Oh now it's just two fitty? What, is there a sale on...'-Thomas Chef's Father, Succubus (3rd season)
'Hey guys, you know what they call a jewish womens boobs?'-Cartman, The return of Chef (10th season)
'I'm not the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard, and Sceintology is just one big global...'-Stan, Trapped in the Closet (9th season)
QuoteAnswerCharacter, Episode
'Well, you ain't Fiona Apple, and if you ain't Fiona Apple I don't give a...'-Officer Barbrady, Mecha-Steisand (1st season)
'...And of course to feed you your chili. Do you like it? Do you like it, Scott? I call it...'-Cartman, Scott Tenorman Must Die (5th season)
'You guys look here. In this Nancy Drew Mystery, Nancy goes to the beach and gets sand trapped in her shoe...'-Cartman, It hits the Fan (5th season)
'I would never let a woman kick my ass I'd be like 'Hey! why don't you stop dressing me up like a mailman and making me dance for you...'-Cartman, An Elephant makes love to a Pig (1st season)
'Herro, schity wok. How may I herlp you...'-City Wok Guy, (Whenever he anwsers the phone)
'They're not Pirate Ghosts Jonathan, they're...'-David Silveria, Korn's Groovy Ghost Pirate Mystery (3rd season)
'This is my impersonation of an American...:-Chinese Announcer, Conjoined Fetus Lady (2nd season)
'The right age to start having sex is...'-Chef, Proper Condom Use (5th season)
'I see two guys inside, they have Sarah Peterson's doll, you...'-Cartman, Lil Crime Stoppers (7th season)
'Well I'm a badass cowboys livin' in the...'-Cartman, Cat Orgy (3rd season)

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