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What was Ash's original Pokèmon meant to be?
What was the first legendary Ash ever saw?
What was the first Pokèmon that Ash ever caught?
What's the only Pokèmon that Ash has ever caught multiple of
What was the first Pokèmon that Ash ever sent to Oak?
What's the first Pokèmon of Misty's you ever see?
What's the first Pokèmon that Brock ever caught in the anime?
What was the Pokèmon that gary chose as his starter?
What Pokèmon does Ash 'catch' to defeat Sabrina?
Which Pokèmon gym did Team Rocket help Ash get into?
What's the name of Brock's Brother who trained Onix?
Which Pokèmon does Ash finish the Great Pokemon Race with?
Where did Ash place in the Indigo League?
How many Eevee-lutions are there overall?
What's the only Pokèmon card you ever see in any of the anime?
Anime/GameFun Fact
Which town has a mansion on top of a skyscraper?
How many volumes of the original Pokèmon are there?
What's the unofficial gym leader, AJ's pokèmon?
What Pokèmon represents an upside-down Pokeball?
Which Pokèmon's flame is used to light the Indigo League torch?
Name the only Bug/Steel pokèmon.
What's the name of the Pokèmon with the longest palindrome?
What's the first final stage Pokèmon that Ash sees?
How many handheld Pokèmon games are there?
Name the person who created Pokèmon.
Name the only Pokèmon Japanese exclusive game.
Name the infamous Pokèmon that is found surfing on the edge of Cinnabar Island?
What is the first Pokèmon ever made?
What's a water move that has the burn effect?
What Pokèmon get's it's tail cut off but always grows back?

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