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Forced Order
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QuoteMovie Character
'One night I said it to my girl, and now me girl's me wife...'
'Let an old pro show you how it's done...stay low to the ground.'
'Her daddy will love that.'
'I'll take a wack at it.'
'Don't you think we're getting a little old for this?'
'Can you make dapple lumpkins? Lumple dapkins?'
'Sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale, hi-i-i-i-igh above me.'
'It just that she's so beautiful and I'm...well look at me!'
'You must get up.'
'We'll always be friend forever, won't we?'
QuoteMovie Character
'We'll never get past those teeth!'
'But the brain of a bird.'
'I see you have a sword, I have one too. They're very manly and tough...'
'I made her, but her head's so big so I pretend a bug layed eggs in her ear.'
'Quit stirring up the water.'
'I'm your man'...oh I'm so excited I-I-I can't even hold it in.'
'I've lived in the bell tower for 20 years so I think I know what the city looks like from above.'
'You're nothing but our sister.'
'What a perfectly beautiful little lady.'
'Getting into trouble a little early today aren't we (title character)?'

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