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Guitar Hero was originally developed by:
It was originally released in:
There are five fret buttons in the game. They are:
Up to World Tour, what were the four difficulty levels?
Guitar Hero had how many career songs?
Guitar Hero had how many characters?
Guitar Hero II was released in:
What was the new feature in the career for Guitar Hero II?
What were the three new characters introduced in Guitar Hero II?
The thing you activate to get more points for notes is called:
What is the name of the guitar you recieve after 5* every song in the career in Guitar Hero II?
What is the hardest song in the game?
What other console, beside the PS2, was Guitar Hero II released for?
The first spin-off was called:
What developer continued with Guitar Hero after Harmonix stopped?
Harmonix went on an created a new series called?
Guitar Hero III included 3 celebrity rock stars. They are called:
What is the name of the musician who covered 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'?
A new 2 player game mode was released with Guitar Hero III. Players collect powers to sabotage their opponent. You use it in boss battles. It is called:
What is the name of the infamously hard song on Guitar Hero III
The last boss of Guitar Hero III is called:
What was the first game that focused on a certain band called?
What is the name of the guitar player in the band previously mentioned?
What hip-hop artists appeared in that game?
What is the name of the Stone Temple Pilots song in that game?
What was the first DS game?
Who developed it?
What is the hardest song to 100% in the DS game?
What does 'FC' stand for?
On October 26, 2008, Neversoft released a Guitar Hero game called?
The game released on October 26, Guitar Hero was no longer just a guitar game. Now it was a:
A legendary heavy metal singer appeared in that game. His name is:
The Metallica song of that game is called
The Joe Satriani song of that game is called
2 guitarists appeared in the game and wrote a boss battle song. Their names are:
The game included how many songs?
What is the name of the songs released as DLC, that are the only ones Wavegroup covered (2 songs)
What is the name of the second DS game?
Guitar Hero: World Tour featured a trailer for a Guitar Hero game called:
Two previous members of the band were not featured. Their names were:
Three songs from Rock Band were not in the game. They were of course by the band.
A legendary bass player was in the game. What is his name?
What other celebrity, beside the band of the game I'm talking about appeared in the game?
Did the band have to re-record any songs?
Two games were released on the same day of June the 9th. They are called:
For which systems?
What is the name of the game developed by Beenox?
What day was it released on?
Of what year?
Did that game have Jordan in it?
How many songs are in that game?
What is the most difficult song of that game?
Beside a number of songs from the original four Guitar Heros, there is a song called Back in the Saddle. By whom is it?
On what day was Guitar Hero 5 released?
How many songs are in that game?
What celebrity was featured in the game but later Neversoft was sued for using?
What other now dead celebrity appeared in that game?
What is the name of the Beastie Boys song?
What is the last song in the career?
Jeff Beck had a song in that game. What is it called?
There are a handful of 'live' songs in the game. Make It wit Chu is one of them. True or False?
Done with Everything, Die for Nothing was by what band?
What is the third band game released on December 22, 2009?
It includes 2 intrumental songs. They are called:
What is the drummer of that band?
The band has 4 members. What does the guitarist, bassist and drummer have in common
Are you getting tired yet?
What is the name of the forum, which now hold around 400,000 members?
Guitar Hero is still released on the PS2. True or False?
What is the name of the places your characters play at?
Character creator was introduced in what game?
There is a free rhythm game on the internet. It can be modded to look like a Guitar Hero game. What is it's name?
Sometimes, people want to create their own songs. In most cases the songs are by a famous band. What is the name of the songs you put in the games yourself?
The first of that kind of song?
One last question. Are there Guitar Hero games for mobile phones?

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