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Can you name the Peep Show Characters ByTheir First Line?

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This is f***ing wicked. I'm almost definitely a musical genius
She's on there. She's on there. Got to get the same bus home. Don't go. Almost There.
We really must stop meeting like this!
Jesus! Mark! Are you OK?
Hey, Jez! What's up, man?
Yeah, but if i pull out now, that's the deposit gone.
Mark! You're in the stationery cupboard?
Hey! You've got Findus Crispy Pancakes. I love them. They're just so... disgusting aren't they?
So, I've divided them into three piles: yours, mine and don't knows
So, Mr Corrigan, we've examined your loan application and I just have one question for you. Are you a pathetic, worthless punk?
Well, mostly I've been in bed taking painkillers.
Oh, Jesus. Thank you for this experience!
I think that's fantastic.
Jeremy? What are you doing here?
Ok, great, sure you don't need a loan? Maybe for some therapy to help you speak properly? Huh? OK. Bye
QuoteCharacterExtra Info
Ok, well, you better say which one because i don't like to recommend
Excuse me, friend, can i see what you've got in your pocket there?
I don't drink. It's a Buddhist thing.
You're going to have to plunge a lot harder than that. Its compacted grease
Hey guys, How's it going? Oh God, i can't get over how lucky I am to find you, Jez.
Yeah, we haven't had a proper chat in ages. I've been chomping at the bit. All this crap with Simon has brought up so much stuff for me
Do I know you? God, you're on the jury, aren't you?
Excuse me. do you have a light?
So, I loved 'Outrageous'.
Yes, it's fine. Juts monitoring stomach-acid levels.
Well done today, dude. You slacked off a little on the treadmill at the end. Remember, Mark, a champion is someone who gets up even when they can't. OK?
Right, but you have had a lot of juice. There's an unwritten rule about drinking all the complimentary juice.
I'm doing a gig, actually
Mark! Is it Mark Corrigan?
You're the first people to talk to us all night.

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