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Who is widley considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world?
Which of the two Diaz brothers is in Strikeforce?
What training camp is responsible for training two UFC title holders?
What NFL team was Brock Lesnar drafted to?
Which UFC veteran who is notorious for knocking people out, has decided to make a comeback?
How did Frank Mir beat Brock Lesnar on his UFC debut?
Who is the tallest fighter in the UFC?
How old was Vitor Belfort at his UFC debut?
Which lightweight tested positive for steroids?
Which two brothers are in the lightweight divison?
Whos is the worst ref in mma according to Dana White?
Which baseball player fought Hong Man Choi?
Which boxer bugged Dana White enough to get a UFC contract?
Who did Ramapge brutally slam in Pride?
Which UFC did Chuck liddell debut at?
Who is a godfather of mma and now acts as a comentator?
Who holds the record for the UFC's fastest knockout?
Whos is the current Strikeforce Heavyweight champion?
What type of meat does allistair overeem claim to eat?
Who did Kimbo Slice fight in his first offical UFC fight?
Which UFC fighter likes to rub there belly after they win?
Which fighers nickname is 'the Sandman'?
Which league does Roger Huerta fight in?
How did fedor loose his only fight?
Eddie Alvarez lost in Pride to who?
Who did Jose Aldo beat for the WEC Featherweight title?
Where is Urijah Faber from?
Who did Bj Penn loose to in K1?
Who beat Kenny Florian in the TUF 1 finale?

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