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1980Brushfire (Allan Burns & Gene Reynolds)
1980*Cop (Seth Freeman)
1980Lou (Michele Gallery)
1980Pilot (Abby Mann)
1980Pilot (Stephen J. Cannell)
1981Pilot (Ronald M. Cohen, Barbara Corday, & Ken Hecht)
1981*Hill Street Station (Steven Bochco, & Michael Kozoll)
1981Jungle Madness ( Steven Bochco, Michael Kozoll, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1981Rape (Seth Freeman)
1981Strike (April Smith)
1982*Freedom's Last Stand (Steven Bochco, Michael Kozoll, Jeff Lewis, Michael I. Wagner, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1982Personal Foul (Steven Bochco, Jeff Lewis, Michael I. Wagner, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1982The Second Oldest Profession (Steven Bochco, Robert Crais, Michael Kozoll, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1982The World According to Freedom (Michael I. Wagner)
1982Blacklist (Seth Freeman)
1983Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back (Steven Bochco, Karen Hall, Jeff Lewis, David Milch, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1983A Hair of the Dog (Steven Bochco, Jeff Lewis, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1983No Body's Perfect (Steven Bochco, Jeff Lewis, David Milch, Michael I. Wagner, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1983Officer of the Year (Karen Hall)
1983*Trial by Fury (David Milch)
1984Doris in Wonderland (Steven Bochco, Jeff Lewis, David Milch, & Peter Silverman)
1984Grace Under Pressure (Steven Bochco, Mark Frost, Karen Hall, Jeff Lewis, David Milch, & Michael I. Wagner)
1984All About Eve (Tom Fontana & John Masius)
1984Newhart (Tom Fontana, John Masius, Emilie R. Small, & Garn Stephens)
1984Qui Transulit Sustinet (Tom Fontana, John Masius, John Tinker, & Mark Tinker)
1984*The Women (Tom Fontana, John Masius, & John Ford Noonan)
1985Child Witness (Deborah Arakelian)
1985*Who Said it's Fair: Part II (Patricia Green)
1985The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall (Jacob Epstein & Michael I. Wagner)
1985Pilot/Brother's Keeper (Anthony Yerkovich)
1985Murder, She Rote (Steve Bello, Tom Fontana, & John Masius)
1985Sweet Dreams (Tom Fontana & John Masius)
1986What Are Friends For? (Dick Wolf)
1986The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice (Debra Frank & Carl Sautter)
1986Twas the Episode Before Christmas (Glenn Gordon Caron)
1986Haunted (Charles H. Eglee, Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson, John Masius, & John Tinker)
1986*Time Heals (Tom Fontana, John Masius, & John Tinker)
1987Turn, Turn, Turn: Part I (Georgia Jeffries)
1987It Ain't Over Till It's Over (Jeff Lewis, David Milch, & John Romano)
1987Sidney the Dead-Nosed Reindeer (William M. Finkelstein)
1987*The Venus Butterfly (Steven Bochco & Terry Louise Fisher)
1987Atomic Shakespeare (Ron Osborn & Jeff Reno)
1987I Am Curious...Maddie (Glenn Gordon Caron, Roger Director, Charles H. Eglee, Karen Hall, Ron Osborn & Jeff Reno)
1987Afterlife (Tom Fontana, John Masius, & John Tinker)
1988Pilot (Ron Koslow)
1988Pilot (John Sacret Young)
1988Beauty and Obese (Terry Louise Fisher & David E. Kelley)
1988Full Marital Jacket (Steven Bochco, Terry Louise Fisher, & David E. Kelley)
1988The Last One (Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson, Bruce Paltrow, John Tinker, & Mark Tinker)
1988*Business as Usual (Paul Haggis & Marshall Herskowitz)
1989His Suit Is Hirsute (Steven Bochco, David E. Kelley, William M. Finkelstein, & Michele Gallery)
1989I'm in the Nude for Love (David E. Kelley)
1989Urine Trouble Now (David E. Kelley, William M. Finkelstein, Michele Gallery, & Judith Parker)
1989*First Day/Last Day (Joseph Dougherty)
1989The Mike Van Dyke Show (Marshall Herskovitz & Edward Zwick)
1990Bang...Zoom...Zap (William M. Finkelstein & David E. Kelley)
1990*Blood, Sweat, & Fears (David E. Kelley)
1990The Go-Between (Joseph Dougherty)
1990Pilot (Mark Frost & David Lynch)
1990Rest in Plain (Harley Peyton)
1991Lie Harder (Judith Feldman & Sarah Woodside Gallagher)
1991Mutinies on the Banzai (Alan Brennert, Patricia Green, & David E. Kelley)
1991*On the Toad Again (David E. Kelley)
1991Pilot (Joshua Brand & John Falsey)
1991Second Look (Ann Lewis Hamilton)
1992Hello-Goodbye (Carol Flint, John Sacret Young, John Wells, & Lydia Woodward)
1992Master Magician (David Chase)
1992Burning Down the House (Robin Green)
1992Democracy in America (Jeff Melvoin)
1992*Seoul Mates (Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider)
1993The Lacemakers (Bernard Lechowick)
1993*Three Men and Adena (Tom Fontana)
1993Manhood (Walon Green & Robert Nathan)
1993Kaddish for Uncle Manny (Jeff Melvoin)
1993Midnight Sun (Geoffrey Neigher)
1994NYPD Lou (Ted Mann)
1994Personal Foul (Burton Ausmus & David Milch)
1994Pilot (Steven Bochco & David Milch)
1994*Steroid Roy (Ann Biderman)
1994Tempest in a C-Cup (Gardner Stern)
1995*Love's Labor Lost (Lance A. Gentile)
1995Pilot (Michael Crichton)
1995Pilot (Winnie Holzman)
1995Simone Says (Steven Bochco, Walon Green, & David Milch)
1995Duane Barry (Chris Carter)
1996The Healers (John Wells)
1996Hell and High Water (Neal Baer)
1996Chapter One (Steven Bochco, Charles H. Eglee, Channing Gibson, & David Milch)
1996The Backboard Jungle (David Mills & William L. Morris)
1996*Clyde Bruckman's Final Response (Darin Morgan)
1997Faith (John Wells)
1997Whose Appy Now? (Neal Baer)
1997Tailight's Last Gleaming (David Mills)
1997*Where's Swaldo? (Stephen Gaghan, David Milch, & Michael R. Perry)
1997Memento Mori (Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, & Frank Spotnitz)
1998Subway (James Yoshimura)
1998*Lost Israel: Part I (Bill Clark, Ted Mann, David Milch, & Meredith Stiehm)
1998Lost Israel: Part II (Bill Clark, Ted Mann, & David Milch)
1998Betrayal (David E. Kelley)
1998The Post-Modern Prometheus (Chris Carter)
1999Heart and Souls (Steven Bochco, Bill Clark, David Milch, & Nicholas Wootton)
1999*College (David Chase & James Manos Jr.)
1999Isabella (Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green)
1999Nobody Knows Anything (Frank Renzulli)
1999Pilot (David Chase)
2000Hush (Joss Whedon)
2000Funhouse (David Chase & Todd Kessler
2000The Knights in White Satin Armor
2000*In Excelsis Deo (Rick Cleveland & Aaron Sorkin)
2000Pilot (Aaron Sorkin)
2001Amour Fou (David Chase & Frank Renzulli)
2001*Employee of the Month (Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green)
2001Pine Barrens (Tim Van Patten & Terence Winter)
2001Second Opinion (Lawrence Konner)
2001In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Aaron Sorkin)
2002*12:00 AM-1:00 AM (Robert Cochran & Joel Surnow)
2002Truth Be Told (J.J. Abrams)
2002On the Beach (John Wells)
2002Pilot (Shawn Ryan)
2002Posse Comitatus (Aaron Sorkin)
2003Twilight (Craig Wright)
2003Eloise (Terence Winter)
2003Whoever Did This (Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green)
2003*Whitecaps (Mitchell Burgess, David Chase, & Robin Green)
2003Twenty Five (Aaron Sorkin)
2004Pilot (David Milch)
2004Irregular Around the Margins (Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green)
2004*Long Term Parking (Terence Winter)
2004Unidentified Black Males (Matthew Weiner & Terence Winter)
2004Where's Johnny? (Michael Caleo)
2005*Three Stories (David Shore)
2005Pilot (J. J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, & Damon Lindelof)
2005Walkabout (David Fury)
2005Pilot (Denis Leary & Peter Tolan)
2005Middle Ground (George Pelecanos & David Simon)
2006Into You Like a Train (Krista Vernoff)
2006It's the End of the World/(As We Know It) (Shonda Rimes)
2006The 23rd Psalm (Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof)
2006Everyone's Waiting (Alan Ball)
2006*Members Only (Terence Winter)
2007Occupation/Precipice (Ronald D. Moore)
2007Through the Looking Glass (Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof)
2007Kennedy and Heidi (David Chase & Matthew Weiner)
2007*Made in America (David Chase)
2007The Second Coming (Terence Winter)
2008Six of One (Michael Angeli)
2008Get Me a Lawyer (Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, & Daniel Zelman)
2008*Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Matthew Weiner)
2008The Wheel (Robin Veith & Matthew Weiner)
2008-30- (Ed Burns & David Simon)
2009The Incident (Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof)
2009The Jet Set (Matthew Weiner)
2009*Mediations in an Emergency (Kater Gordon & Matthew Weiner)
2009A Night to Remember (Robin Veith & Matthew Weiner)
2009Six Month Leave (Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, & Matthew Weiner)
2010The Son (Rolin Jones)
2010Pilot (Michelle King & Robert King)
2010The End (Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof)
2010Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency (Robin Veith & Matthew Weiner)
2010*Shut the Door. Have a Seat (Erin Levy & Matthew Weiner)
2011*Always (Jason Katims)
2011Baelor (David Benioff & D.B. Weiss)
2011Pilot (Veena Sud)
2011Blowing Smoke (Andre Jacquemetton & Maria Jacquemetton)
2011The Suitcase (Matthew Weiner)
2012Episode Seven (Julian Fellowes)
2012*Pilot (Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, & Gideon Raff)
2012Commissions and Fees (Andre Jacquemetton & Maria Jacquemetton)
2012Far Away Places (Semi Chellas & Matthew Weiner)
2012The Other Woman (Semi Chellas & Matthew Weiner)
2013Dead Freight (George Mastras)
2013Say My Name (Thomas Schnauz)
2013Episode Four (Julian Fellowes)
2013The Rains of Castamere (David Beinoff & D.B. Weiss)
2013*Q&A (Henry Bromell)
2014Felina (Vince Gilligan)
2014*Ozymandias (Moira Walley-Beckett)
2014The Children (David Beinoff & David Weiss)
2014Chapter 14 (Beau Willmon)
2014The Secret Fate of All Life (Nic Pizzolatto)
2015Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? (Joshua Brand)
2015Five-O (Gordon Smith)
2015*Mother's Mercy (David Benioff and D. B. Weiss)
2015Lost Horizon (Semi Chellas & Matthew Weiner)
2015Person to Person (Matthew Weiner)
2016Persona Non Grata (Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg)
2016Episode Eight (Julian Fellowes)
2016*Battle of the Bastards (David Benioff and D. B. Weiss)
2016End (Michelle King and Robert King) (Sam Esmail)
2016Return (Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro)
2017The Soviet Division (Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg)
2017Chicanery (Gordon Smith)
2017Assassins (Peter Morgan)
2017*Offred (Bruce Miller)
2017Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers (The Duffer Brothers)
2017The Bicameral Mind (Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan)
2018START (Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg)
2018Mystery Man (Peter Morgan)
2018The Dragon and The Wolf (David Benioff and D.B. Weiss)
2018June (Bruce Miller)
2018Nice Face (Phoebe Waller-Bridge)
2018Chapter Nine: The Gate (The Duffer Brothers)

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