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Forced Order
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Riddle QAns
What word does riddle 61 use to describe that which is filling the object?
vernacular riddlic dialogue?
Who categorises the riddles?
What does Charles W. Kennedy think the riddles do?
Latin riddlic dialogue
Who seesmen as being in the background in every riddle picture?
What characterises the riddles?
another Craig Williamson quote?
Riddle 86 is seens this type of riddle by who?
Whos sees the obust cynicism of the riddles as complementary to the effulgent surfaces of war and weaponry held up for admiration in such poems as 'Beowulf' and 'Waldere'?
What does Nelson see the riddles as taking part in?
Who says what of the riddles post-solution?
John Niles notes the what of the texts?
Who sees riddle 5 as a joke?
And anoooother one?
What type of riddle is 86 seen as?
A quote about what the riddles do from Craig Williamson?
Riddle QAns
Welsh racism?
What is the parallel word in 25?
Problem with timing of shield?
Why can't the shield be anhaga?
Who argues that riddles delight in movement, activity, dynamism, rther than being static portraits?
What do Fulk and Cain say distinguishes the riddles ?
Second type of category?
Who notes that there is an 'I' in every other?
Who notes the significance of editorial judgements and shifting critical perceptions on the solutions to riddles?
Why is it not a shield?
What is the object in riddle 44 described as?
First type of category?
one eyed garlic seller?
Who wrote 'Rites of Passage'?
26 and 47 are part of what grouping?

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