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Can you name the the following terms to prove you are an elitist?

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This wine is named after the French word for 'pinecone'Wine
This process is used to aerate wineWine
These substances cause unripened red wine to taste puckeryWine
This is a French term for light alcohol drink before dinner Wine
The aroma of wine is called thisWine
This term refers to meat rolled around a fillingFood
This Italian dish is raw fish, olive oil, citrus, and sea saltFood
This is the culinary name for internal organs of young animals Food
This is the French name for food immersed in a substance for flavor and preservationFood
This cooking technique involves sealed plastic bags and hot waterFood
This eponymous term means having a 'lush descriptive style'Literature
This eponymous term means having a 'senseless, menacing complexity'Literature
This eponymous term means crime fiction having a 'clever style with lyrical similes' Literature
This eponymous term means having 'wild leaps of imagination and deep cynicism'Literature
Emerson and Thoreau lead this 19th century movement Literature
This Italian term means art characterized by strong contrasts between light and darkArt
New Classicism is a movement within this larger movementArt
This pseudo-Expressionist movement was founded in GermanyArt
The printing technique called seriography is also known as thisArt
This Russian artist is credited with painting the first modern abstract worksArt
Puccini's work was an example of this opera movementOpera
This French opera is the most popular opera comiqueOpera
This soprano style is defined by trills and elaborate melodyOpera
The aria Quando me'n vo' is also known by this name Opera
This Romanian soprano debuted in 1990Opera

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