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Can you name the Sekirei by their numbers?

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Sekirei NumberSekirei NameDescription
01Owner of Izumo Inn.
02Genius-level computer and hacking skills.
03'Wind Flower'. Mostly Drunk.
04Leader of the third Discipline Squad.
05Once a member of the first Discipline Squad.
06Self-titled 'Sekirei Guardian' who protected unwinged Sekirei.
07A 'disused' Sekirei with the Sekirei crest appearing on her forehead instead of her back.
08Leader of the second Discipline Squad.
09Ability to control water.
10A Sekirei originally living at Izumo Inn when Minato and Musubi first arrived.
11Twin sisters that have power over electricity and Seo's Sekirei.
12Twin sisters that have power over electricity and Seo's Sekirei.
15A Sekirei dressed in a kimono that carries a large double-sided blade as a weapon.
16One of Higa's Sekirei.
18One of Higa's Sekirei.
19A Sekirei who wielded dual kodachi as weapons.
22One of Higa's Sekirei.
31One of Higa's Sekirei.
39She uses multiple strings made by the MBI to constrict her opponents.
40One of Higa's Sekirei.
55A Sekirei that only appeared in the manga with a one page of profile on her.
65She has the power to create a smoke screen.
72The third Sekirei defeated by 10 on the instructions of Higa.
73A Sekirei wielding a massive halberd. Her Ashikabi is Koji Takano.
74A Sekirei whose Ashikabi is Osamu Tsudanuma.
78A Sekirei whose Ashikabi, Yoichi Himura.
84A Sekirei who wields a massive hammer as her personal weapon. Her Ashikabi is Junichi Tanigawa.
86One of Higa's Sekirei who wears a tight-fitting leotard.
88Lead female.
95Is a weak, klutzy crybaby whose main ability is her voice.
101One of Higa's Sekirei who speaks in a sing-song voice.
104Known as the 'Blue Sekirei'.
105Known as the 'Red Sekirei'.
107'Reaper Sekirei'. Brother of 108.
108Known as 'Kuu-chan'|'Kuu'|'Green Girl'.

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