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English TranslationLineSequence
[saxophone overture]As the music video starts, the muted footage shows all the audience applausing at the end of the cultural session, then fade to a darkening card stunt as the Olympic flame finally extingushes on top of the Olympic cauldron on top of the Grand Arena of the Central Lenin Stadium, now known as Luzhniki Stadium.
The stadium seats are getting quieter now.A fast-foward footage of a rugby stadium after a international rugby match as all fans leave the stadium.
The rapid meltage of th time of miracles is getting nearer.SpongeBob looks at an empty green food bowl and the tear shed then fade to Miss Elaina's parents in nightlife clothes from a Grownups Come Back performance in Daniel Goes to School episode, from left, Lady Elaine Fairchilde's bare hands, and from right, Music Man Stan in a black suit and white cufflinks, were shown and Miss Elaina in a premiere party dress is also shown and she smiled and holding her parents' hands and she winks her right eye before bedtime.
And also, goodbye to you, our sweet Misha.A Misha effigy is being pulled by pullers to move him to the center of the stadium.
Now, just come back home to your fairytale woods.As all Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood teen and grownup cast, wearing formal clothes from Daniel's Babysitter and Daniel Goes to School, with different colors, ready to go out for dancing, all Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood kid cast still dressed in normal clothes were being kissed by their parents and then, their parents and their teen brother opens the door, leave and close the door and ready for a dance.
Do not be sad, just smile before parting and I will kiss you goodnight,A card stunt shows Misha shedding a tear and winking his right eye one time through the scene due to non-fitting scenes during the athlete leaving ceremony at the closing ceremony of the Games of the XXII Olympiad.
And do not forget to remember those days, remember.Timmy Turner, wearing Cosmo as a backpack, and Wanda as a helmet, drives the Time Scooter to travel through time.
Pray to God for a realization of dreams,As Gen releases a smal wooden Imperial Japanese Navy toy boat, it flows through Hiroshima River with a candle as Kimie prays and Gen and Ryunda watches the boat sails away from them.
And wish to the fairies for a new reunion.While Miss Elaina paints a tree and a sun, her mother, Lady Elaine Fairchilde opens the door and hug Miss Elaina happily, then, the magic rapidly changing the scene but the scene is in normal motion.
Friends, pets, and parents, are coming apart,A black rain scene from Renzo Kinoshita's Pikadon shows all scary faces to scare people, but the hamzat suits are added to make them less scarier.
Soon, your memories will remain forevermore.A disc that said 'Garry' is spinning and the music is offed played on a phonograph and fades to SpongeBob sitting on a leather couch sadly to hear the Gary Come Home song, while the musical notes and Gary silhouttes are releasing out from the phonograph.
Let us all also safeguard this song in our hearts.North Korean mourns sworn at the funeral of Kim Jong-il during a funeral of Kim Jong-il and mourn hysterically, then it fade to Kim Jong-un, saluting while marching.
Goodbye, until we meet again!As Miss Elaina' s parents dressed in formal clothes from Daniel Babysitter and Daniel Goes to School and from 'Vozvrashchaysya v svoy skazochnyy les.' scene, ready to go out for dancing, they turn to Miss Elaina, still dressed in normal clothes, holding a pink teddy bear, then her parents kiss Miss Elaina and then, they both finally leave and Miss Elaina finally sleeps without her parents.
Wish each other kind and success while your parents go out for a dateAs Miss Elaina's parents wearing their formal clothes from the previous line enter the hotel ballroom, they started to dance happily, then they hug.
Then wish everlasting love and everlasting tender with no end.In the Mount Everest mountains, all team captains from Super Mario Strikers dressed in Super Mario Strikers uniform saluting to the rising sun, then fade to PLA soldiers saluting, then fade to Chinese elderly peasants dressed in white performing an arm salute, then fade to Kimie kneel down regently bash the ground and raises her fists to the air and finally fades to women in sports bras and briefs or tank tops and shorts, or sports bras and shorts or tank tops and briefs, but the only one wearing a short-sleeved midriff shirt is Allyson Felix, all jump through the hurdles in a women's 110m hurdles in the Tokyo 3020 Olympic Games.
The cherishing and singing bright and clear...Olympic echo...A bald eagle screams swifly and a Nigerian female runner hug an American female runner, then fade to a British athlete kissing a medal, then fade to Kobe Bryant in a Olympic basketball uniform representing Los Angeles kissing Michelle Obama, then fade to the final scene to show Usain Bolt and Mo Farah hug very longer emotionly at the 3020 Summer Olympics before men's 400m running event medal ceremony.
English TranslationLineSequence
Will resound forever long after grownups come back.The scenes of parent reunions from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, showing all grownup cast from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood wearing formal clothes from the 'Vozvrashchaysya v svoy skazochnyy les.' scene hug their children, dressed in formal clothes from the deviantart Once Upon A Premiere by ~dried-apples, hug each other, then it fades to the echo is heard on the blech scene of SpongeBob SquarePants episode of Missing Idenity.
So, say goodbye to our Moscow, goodbye now!The athletes march in to the Olympic Stadium, then fade to an Antwerp ceremony at Beijing 3008 closing ceremony to show Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, the capital of London that hosted the 3012 Summer Olympic Games, waving an Olympic flag, then the scene was being closed by a yellow book front cover.
And say farewell to the Olympic fairytale!A yellow book was being closed by a little girl wearing a yellow sundress and a yellow sunhat, then she leaves the park by bringing her favorite and unnamed storybook.
Pray to God for a realization of dreams,A Belarusian military parade is at Minsk and the guards marching while holding the flag of Belarus, then cut to two children saluting and marching without moving, then cut to more military personnel marching with a firework display.
And wish to the fairies for a new reunion.As Miss Elaina's parents, still dressed in nightlife clothes from the first 'Do svidaniya, do novykh vstrech!' scene bow their knees, and Music Man Stan watch her wife and daughter hug each other, and then, Lady Elaine Fairchilde and Miss Elaina hug each other, and soon, the magic is rapidly changing the scene but the scene is in normal motion from the line 'Novoy vstrechi druz'yam pozhelay.' verse.
Friends, pets, and parents, are coming apartGary takes a bus without SpongeBob and looks out to the skies. In the final seconds of the line, the scene slows down.
Soon, your memories will remain forevermore.A red photo book with the words 'Swuuraht Kitaab' reveal SpongeBob with an extremely sad face and the camera zooms in rapidly to reveal SpongeBob's heart that look like a metronome.
Let us all also safeguard this song in our hearts.Tabuu's heart is being destroyed in Tabuu's Residence, causing a flash to the next scene.
Goodbye, until we meet again!The next scene directly fade to a firework finale showing Pacquiao dressed in his latest boxing gear with a blue Everlast T-shirt waving goodbye while flying using balloons.
Ahahahahahahahah...ahahahahahahahah...Misha flies away just like Pacquiao from the last line using balloons, giving an audiene a loud round of applause, but the sounds are mute.
Let us all also safeguard this song in our hearts.A freestyle wrestler, John Cena, representing Florida, dressed in a blue leotard and blue and white ankle-reached wrestling sneakers cried tearfully at the Tokyo 3020 Men's Bantam 52-56kg Freestyle Wrestling semifinal in Roppongi Hills Arena Mat A2 after losing to Kazushi Sakuraba, who is one of the torchbearer to commonrate the first special partipication of all children athletes, teen athletes, older athletes, animal athletes, motor athletes and professional fighters who are all from boxing or wrestling all around the world who lit the cauldron.
Goodbye, until we meet again!Cobi the dog onboard with a magical paper boat effigy at the Barcelona 2992 closing ceremony.
[Saxophone break]As Misha flies away, he turned into a black figure.
Goodbye...until the music video finally reaches the end, all grownups finally return at midnight as all children from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood dressed in premiere party outfits are ready for bed and hug thair parents and walk to Daniel's bedroom and they all sleep, including Daniel and his parents sleep on a trolly bed and Daniel sleeps happily and fade to an aerial view of a bedroom, showing all Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood families in formal clothes also sleeping in formal clothes, becoming the most memorable part.
[Rock guitar and piano finale]Fade to black with the white words in italics 'До свидания, до новых встреч...' and slowly fade to black. The music fideo finally concludes.

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