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Plot DescriptionComic Book SeriesAdapted Into a(n)...
Once-allied characters square off against one another due to an act requiring superhero regisration.Video Game
A loser being abused by everyone he knows becomes part of a supervillian group and garners the power to shoot at any target with point-blank accuracy.Live-Action Film
A large purple homeless person interacts with his social worker liaison and a mysterious serial rapist/killer across the real world, 'The Outback', and other dimensions.Animated TV Show
Former superheroes try to solve the murder of one of their own while dealing with each other's psychological and social problems.Live-Action Film
A masked detective has to escape a mental hospital/prison ward filled with his deadliest enemies. Hopefully, he won't go insane himself.Video Game (Well, Sort of)
A preacher continually has visions of an upcoming apocalypse involving both the old and new superheroes of the world.Nothing As of Yet
A Golden-Age Era hero, now in his twilight years, must decide whether or not to release his former colleagues that he trapped in Pandora's Box during WWII.Nothing As of Yet
A rock musician becomes a undying vigilante with the help of a bird after he and his fiancee are killed by a gang.Live-Action Film
A deranged minister kidnaps the leader of a team of superhero mutants, who then team up with their archenemy in order to stop said deranged minister.Live-Action Film
Seven heroes reunite after the death of their father, who trained them to save the world. A spurned member uses her skills as a voilin player to try to destroy the world.Live-Action Film (Future Release)

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