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Forced Order
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'... you're f**king gay'
Who supports the worst football team?
Who is the fattest?
Who would be late to their own funeral?
How many people live at 8 Norwood Terrace?
Who gets satelite tv on their ears?
Who bakes with the gret bear?
Who thinks the square root of 9 is 81?
Who has had a takeaway everynight since being at uni?
Who always hands their work in late?
Who has been mistaken for Michael Caine on numerous occasions?
Which guy likes dressing up in girls clothes?
Who needs to avoid the school on the way to uni?
Who from us lot is a famous movie star?
Who heards chickens?
Who has had sex with Janna's mum?
Who has the most attractive sibling?
Who is most likely to drive to the Co-op?
Who drives from mayville to norwood?
What is the best chocolate bar in the world?

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