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Spell to summon an objectA
Dark Magic shop in Diagon AlleyB
Word Hagrid uses to describe Fang in The Forbidden ForestC
School in which Viktor Krum attendedD
Spell that Luna uses on Harry to heal his noseE
Surname of SeamusF
Creatures that work in GringottsG
Sweet Shop in HogsmeadeH
First name of Headmaster at DurmstrangI
Month of Neville's birthdayJ
The act of a dementor sucking out a persons soul, it is called the Dementors ____.K
Forename of Harry's MumL
Book in which Gilderoy Lockhart publishes in Harry's second yearM
Relationship from Bellatrix to DracoN
Spell Hermione uses to repair Harry's glassesO
One of the failing grades for OWLsP
Sports game played on broomsQ
Name of one of the first centaurs Harry meetsR
Position Harry plays in QuidditchS
Subject in which Professor McGonagall teaches T
Surname of the DADA teacher in Harry's 5th yearU
You Know Who???V
Surname of Ginerva and WillamW
Forename of Luna's fatherX
The colour Ron tries to turn his ratY
Forename of annoying Hufflepuff in DAZ

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