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to love
to admit, allow in, receive; suppose, assume
to admire
to go
to annoy, to bore, to weary
to place (or put) before
to anticipate, to advance, to put forward
to prepare, to set, to get ready
to appear, to loom up, seem, look
to belong (to); to be a member (of); to be (for)
to affix; to add (a note)
to learn, find out
to appreciate, value; evaluate, appraise
to open, turn on, start, begin
to become rabid (dog); (with fare) make angry
to arrange, adjust, alter; improvise
to furnish
to stop, halt, interrupt; arrest
to be favorable, to be propitious (to), to smile on
to arrive
to ascend, go up; to rise; to climb
to listen (to); pay attention (to)
to enter the name of; to attribute, ascribe
to wait for, expect; lie ahead of
to absorb, soak (up)
to assume; take on; hire; collect
to take off, abstract; to disregard (something)
to wait for, await; to attend, look after
to draw, obtain, get
to attract, appeal to, interest

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