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Can you name the Top most tragic deaths of Game of Thrones (including animals)?

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rankingDead charactersKillers
3Walder Rivers
4Ilyn Payne
5Roose Bolton
6Gregor Clegane
7Gregor Clegane
9Ramsay Bolton
11Cersei Lannister (wildfire)
13Wights (giant)
15Daenerys Tragaryen (bricks)
16Nights Watch
17Sons of the Harpy
18Jaime Lannister
20Daenerys Targaryen (Drogon)
21Meryn Trant
22Old age
24Ramsay Bolton (hounds)
25Joffrey Baratheon
26Night King
27Meera Reed
28Cersei Lannister (wildfire)
rankingDead charactersKillers
29Jon Snow
30Shadow (Stannis Baratheon)
31Tyrion Lannister
32Daenerys Targaryen
33Lothar Frey
34Zombie bear
35Nights Watch
37Euron Greyjoy
39Mag the Mighty (giant)
40Daenerys Tragaryen (bricks)
42Ellaria Sand
43Cersei Lannister
44Night King
45Ramsay Bolton
46Cersei Lannister (wildfire)
47Cersei Lannister (wildfire)
48Brienne of Tarth
49Lysa Arryn
50Ellaria Sand
51Old age
52Daenerys Targaryen (Drogon)
53Cersei Lannister
54Jon Snow
56Arya Stark
rankingDead charactersKillers
57Obara Sand
60Cersei Lannister (wildfire)
61Petyr Baelish
62Ramsay Bolton
63Tyrion Lannister
64Little birds
65Cersei Lannister (wildfire)
66Jon Snow
67Euron Greyjoy
68Gregor Clegane
69Euron Greyjoy
70Euron Greyjoy
71Daenerys Tragaryen (Drogon)
72Arya Stark
73Khal Drogo
74Jaime Lannister
75Arya Stark
76Theon Greyjoy
77Karl Tanner
78Jon Snow
79Arya Stark
80Sandor Clegane
81Oberyn Martell
82Arya Stark
83Petyr Baelish and Olenna Tyrell
84Sansa Stark (hounds)

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