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Star, YearMovieScrambled Movie
Russell Crowe, 2001Btfl Mnd
Guy Pearce, 2000Mmnt
Frances MacDormand, 1996Frg
Peter Sellers, 1964Dr. Strnglv, r hw lrnd t stp wrryng nd lv th bmb
Bruce Campbell, 1981Vl Dd
Anne Francis, 1956Frbddn Plnt
Peter Fonda, 1969Sy Rdr
Kevin Spacey, 1999Mrcn Bty
Star, YearMovieScrambled Movie
Malcom McDowell, 1971Clckwrk Rng
Spike Lee, 1989D Th Rght Thng
Greg Kinnear, 2006Lttl Mss Snshn
Alfred Molina, 2003Cff nd Cgrtts
Robert de Niro, 1974Th Gdfthr Prt Tw
Robert de Niro, 1976Tx Drvr
Robert de Niro, 1980Rgng Bll

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