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Where was Kenneth born? (City, State)
With which of Tracy's friends does Liz have a 'history'?
What was Liz's score on her AP History exam?
In inches, what is the length of Jack's penis? (Hint: it's thick.)
Which fast food franchise does Jack maintain possession of in his divorce?
The pornographic video game rivalry between Frank and Tracy directly parodies which film?
Jack was born in which Massachusetts town?
Which film directly aided Jack's revelation regarding his true father?
Milton writes a book about the life of which U.S. President?
Fill in the blank: 'Imagine _____ ______ shooting out of your eyes'
Dot Com was in which play during his time at Wesleyan?
Which actor portrays Jack's private eye?
What is the name of Jenna's adopted gibbon?
According to Mike Dexter, what is the plushie codeword for sex?
Liz's mother briefly dated which famous person?
To what is Dennis allegedly addicted to?
In what tough neighborhood was Tracy's Little League team located?
Sheinhardt Wig Company turned a great population of children which color?
What is Jack and Elisa's favorite item from McDonald's?
Jenna states that she plans to donate her cut hair to which charity?
Which famous figure was the inspiration for Liz's childhood haircut?
Which nickname does Pete attempt to spread for himself?
Name one of Toofer's proposed new nicknames after he is re-hired to the staff.
What is the occupation of the men that take Cerie's fiancee hostage?
As part of the postapocalyptic contingency plan, female writer Sue offers to have sex with which type of people?
Avery Jessup hosts which financial news show?
The elaborate plan constructed to keep Liz out of spinsterhood was based on which Agatha Christie novel/film?
What is the name of Liz's spinsterhood cat?
What is Tracy's first catchphrase, originating in a past movie?
In the show's pilot, Liz buys all of which item from a streetside vendor?

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