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Can you name the StarKid - Who plays who??

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Characters (not including cameos)StarKidProductions
Harry Potter, TobyLWL, AVPM, AVPS
Firenze, Goyle, Bill Weasley, Rumbleroar, Past Draco, Himself, Sweetheat Mosquito, OverqueenLWL, AVPM, AVPS, Starship
Lavender Brown, Past Harry, George WeasleyAVPM, AVPS
Cho Chang, Charlie Weasley, Miss CooterAVPM, AVPS, MAMD
Pansy Parkinson, Molly Weasley, Sally's HeartAVPM, AVPS, MAMD
Tanya, Draco, Taz, BugetteLWL, AVPM, AVPS, Starship
Snape, Rick's Dick, KrayonderAVPM, AVPS, MAMD, Starship
Voldemort, Umbridge, Up, DickAVPM, AVPS, Starship
Ron, Himself, BugAVPM, AVPS, MAMD, Starship
HermioneAVPM, AVPS
Mama Umbridge, Sorty, Scarfy, Peter Pettigrew, Arthur Weasley, Kevin, Caller Bug, Mister BugLWL, AVPS, Starship
Specs, Crabbe, Percy Weasley, Candy LadyAVPM, AVPS, Starship
Dumbledore, Tootsie Noodles, PincerAVPM, AVPS, Starship
Quirrell, Seamus, James Potter, Past Ron, Kings Cross PersonAVPM, AVPS
Characters (not including cameos)StarKidProductions
Sirius Black, The Old SnatchAVPS, MAMD
Mega Girl, HerselfLWL, Starship
Zack, Lupin, Junior, Veeto Mosquito, FlopsyLWL, AVPS, MAMD, Starship
Yaxley, Big TallywhackerAVPS, MAMD
Luna, Hedwig, Fred Weasley, Weenie, Lily EvansAVPS, MAMD
Bellatrix Lestrange, Dean ThomasAVPM, AVPS
Neville Longbottom, Past HermioneAVPM, AVPS
Cedric Diggory, Fudge, Lucius MalfoyAVPM, AVPS
Ginny Weasley, Rita Skeeter, Sally, Neeto MosquitoAVPM, AVPS, Starship
Joey's HeartMAMD

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