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SmackdownNXT 3 contestant, one-half of Smackdown's Chickbusters
RAWMexican royalty, related to the legendary Mil Mascaras, drives a Rolls Royce, winner of the 2011 RAW Money In The Bank
SmackdownA former subordinate to his NXT Trainer, now fighting for himself
Smackdownformer Divas Champion, leader of Smackdown's 'IT Girls'
RAWtwin sisters, one of which won the Diva's Title
RAW'The Glamazon', first woman to enter the Royal Rumble since Chyna
RAWonly man to hold ECW, WWE and WCW world titles, star of WWE Films Knucklehead
Smackdown6x 6x 6x 6x 6x 6x World Heavyweight Champion, master of the Spinarooni, Smackdown color commentator, CAN YOU DIG IT?
RAWheavyset fellow that seconds the winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble, NXT4 finalist
RAW'The Masterpiece', can make his pecs jiggle
Smackdown'Captain Charisma', 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, called his fans 'peeps'
RAW?current WWE Champion despite his deal expiring, 'The Straight Edge Superstar', two-time Money In The Bank winner
RAWformer-half of The Edge Heads and, more recently, The Major Broskis
SmackdownSmackdown's 2011 Money In The Bank winner, NXT 1 rookie ousted from Nexus, the bane of Michael Cole's existence
Smackdownson of WWE Hall of Famer The American Dream, requests people wear paper bags
RAWformer Unified Tag Team Champion, son of The British Bulldog, training for MMA
RAWone-half of the current tag champions, Mr. Jennifer Hudson, graduate of Harvard law school
RAWformer Intercontinental and WH Champion, current US Champion, he is perfection
RAWformer Unified Tag Team Champion, once referred to as Vince's chosen one
RAWgravity-defying high-flier, finisher the Shooting Star Press
RAWDiva Search winner and former Divas Champion, can dance
Smackdownthe current Intercontinental Champion and former muscle of The Brian Kendrick
RAWCanadian-born former TNA Knockouts Champion, appears sporadically
RAWother son of WWE Legend Dusty, 'The Golden One'
Smackdownthe former 'Punjabi Playboy', featured in films Get Smart, The Longest Yard
Smackdown'The One Man Rock Band', former Unified Tag Team Champion, sometimes confused for the Wendy's mascot
Smackdownformer midget sidekick of D-X, once believed to be Vince McMahon's son
RAWformer World Heavyweight Champion, 'The All-American American', had his own Soaring Eagle
Smackdownson of former WWE superstar Rikishi, one-half of a tag team bearing his last name
Smackdownother son of former WWE superstar Rikishi, twins with his tag team partner brother
Smackdownthe WWE's newest Indian sensation, got the Punjabi Playboy to turn on his brother
RAW10-time WWE Champ, star of WWE Films productions 12 Rounds, The Marine, Legendary
RAWnow listen, this former Tough Enough winner ain't no make believe, 'The Shaman of Sexy'
Smackdownwinner of NXT season 4, has a 'chip on his shoulder' and 'can't cut the mustard'
RAWthugnificent street tough, he's just too good
Smackdownformer Unified Tag Team Champion, finisher the deadly 450 Splash, has a weird beard
Smackdownwinner of NXT3, the female season, one-half of the Chick Busters
Smackdown'The Big Red Machine', once wore a mask, formerly an evil dentist
RAWformer ECW exhibitionist with a double name, Divas Champion
RAWmonstrous female biding her time on maternity leave
RAWformer United States and Intercontinental champion, ditched his Jamaican accent, S.O.S!
SmackdownDiva Search winner, the surviving half of the formerly Flawless diva tag team
Smackdown'The World's Strongest Man', formerly 'Sexual Chocolate', somebody's gonna get their ass kicked
RAWformer Divas champion, now trying her hand at hosting NXT
RAWthe new Nexus's only non-NXT participant, big bad ass, bears a resemblance to former star Batista
RAWformer manager of MNM, apparently quite the head case
RAWNXT2 finalist, son of WWE Legend Mr. Perfect, current tag champ
RAWhe's this guy, he's a former WWE Champion, and he's awesome
Smackdownformer Women's Champion, daughter of Jim The Anvil
RAW2nd-generation superstar from Puerto Rico, teamed with brother Carlito for a spell
RAWWASSUP? WASSUP? This superstar got got by little Jimmy.
Smackdownson of WWE Legend Cowboy Bob, 'The Viper', hears voices in his head.
RAWfinishing move a tribute to his area code in San Diego, tiny former World Champion, BOOYAKA BOOYAKA
RAWthe personal hype of the 2011 Royal Rumble winner
Smackdownsassy Latina, jumps rope a lot and does other physically fit things
RAWwacky Italian stereotype who can't pronounce people's names right, finisher The Cobra
Smackdownformer WWE Champion, pasty ginger Irish guy
Smackdownlegendary Mexican luchadore, making waves in the WWE
Smackdowndaughter of WWE Hall of Famer 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka
Smackdownson of WWE Legend Million Dollar Man, star of The Marine 2, formerly of Legacy
Smackdownlet me holla at ya, players, this guy's the Smackdown General Manager
Smackdownfun-loving high risk guy, formerly of the Dudebustters
RAW'The Game', 'The Cerebral Assassin', one-half of DX, out of commission
RAWscary looking bad ass with dreads, frequent main eventer on Superstars
Smackdownformer Unified Tag Team Champion, last student to train in The Dungeon
Smackdown'The Phenom', 'The Dead Man', begun his 3rd decade of destruction
RAWformer consultant to the Smackdown General Manager, says 'excuse me' a lot
RAWscary-looking Russian guy, one-half of an odd couple tandem with the wacky Italian guy
Smackdownwinner of NXT Season 1, former leader of the Corre and the Nexus
RAWveteran authority figure/wrestler/manager, last crowned King of the Ring
Smackdownresident wacky Japanese guy, always bowing and leaping in the air
RAWOH RADIO tell the WWE Internet Champion everything you know, star of the True Long Island Story

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