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Homebrew, Don't Stay Home, Large In The Margin
Over, Blue, Passive
You My Flower, Debonair, Honky's Ladder
Sexy Boy, Playground Love, Cherry Blossom Girl
We Die Young, Sea of Sorrow, Get Born Again
Another Morning Stoner, Caterwaul, Naked Sun
Never Is A Promise, Fast As You Can, O Sailor
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), Rebellion (Lies), Keep The Car Running
Girl From Mars, Burn Baby Burn, Meltdown
Planet Claire, Song For A Future Generation, Good Stuff
Atomic Garden, Struck A Nerve, 21st Century (Digital Boy)
Promises, You Were Right, Year Of The Rat
Brian Wilson, The Old Apartment, Alternative Girlfriend
Rendez-Vu, Where's Your Head At?, Good Luck
Paul Revere, Johnny Ryall, Jimmy James
MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack, Beercan, Mixed Bizness
Me & The Major, Is It Wicked Not To Care?, Piazza New York Catcher
Set You Free, 10 AM Automatic, I Got Mine
Spread Your Love, Six Barrel Shotgun, Shuffle Your Feet
No Rain, Galaxie, Wishing Well
M&Ms, Mutt, Man Overboard
Helicopter, Flux, One Month Off
She's So High, Song 2, Tender
Golden Years, Fashion, I'm Afraid of Americans
From A Balance Beam, Road To Joy, At The Bottom of Everything
Alien, Greedy Fly, Speed Kills (The People That We Love)
Rock N Roll Lifestyle, Frank Sinatra, Never There
The Only One I Know, Then, Blackened Blue Eyes
Hey Boy Hey Girl, The Golden Path, Galvanize
Police & Thieves, Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad, The Magnificent Seven
Shiver, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Fix You
Spanish Main, Pass It On, In The Morning
Watching The Detectives, Everyday I Write The Book, Monkey To Man
Einstein On The Beach (For An Eggman), Angels Of The Silences, Hanginaround
Let's Go To Bed, Hot Hot Hot, Alt.end
Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth, Bohemian Like You, We Used To Be Friends
Lost In The Plot, (You & I Are A) Gang Of Losers, Disclaimer
The New Year, Crooked Teeth, Grapevine Fires
Billy Liar, 16 Military Wives, The Perfect Crime #2
Bored, Be Quiet & Drive (Far Away), RX Queen
But Not Tonight, Policy of Truth, Dream On
Satisfaction (I Can't Get No), Peek-A-Boo, R U Experienced?
The Wagon, Start Choppin', Been There All The Time
Busting Up A Starbucks, 27 Jennifers, You Should Be Doubly Gratified
The Killing Moon, Bring On The Dancing Horses, Stormy Weather
Susan's House, Last Stop: This Town, Saturday Morning
You Make Me Feel Like A ****, One Hit Wonder, AM Radio
We Care A Lot, Epic, Last Cup Of Sorrow
Going Out Of My Head, The Rockafeller Skank, That Old Pair of Jeans
High, Buck Rogers, Come Back Around
Hey Man Nice Shot, Welcome To The Fold, Where Do We Go From Here
Party At Ground Zero, Freddie's Dead, Everyday Sunshine
Turn It On, Bad Days, Fight Test
Drunken Lullabies, The Seven Deadly Sins, Float
Uncle Walter, Song For The Dumped, Army
This Is A Call, Walking After You, Breakout
Sink To The Bottom, Denise, Mexican Wine
Michael, The Fallen, Lucid Dreams
First Day, Skip To The End, The Beginning of the Twist
Shock The Monkey, Diggin' In The Dirt, The Barry Williams Show
Milk, #1 Crush, When I Grow Up
Get Myself Arrested, Silence, Airstream Driver
AM 180, Hewlett's Daughter, El Caminoes In The West
Stuck With Me, Nice Guys Finish Last, Waiting
The Official Ironmen Rally Song, I Am A Tree, Glad Girls
Barrel of a Gun, Keep It Together, Satellite
Flagpole Sitta, Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo, Wine Women & Song
Sheela-na-Gig, Down By The Water, Good Fortune
Main Offender, Two-Timing Touch & Broken Bones, Tick Tick Boom
The Swish, Chips Ahoy!, Stay Positive
Get In Or Get Out, Middle of Nowhere, Let Me In
Hate Paper Doll, Love Is All Around, Could You Be The One?
American English, Love Steals Us From Loneliness, No Emotion
Dynomite, Creeps Me Out, Hello I Love You
Pardon Me, Are You In?, Make A Move
PDA, Evil, No I In Threesome
The One Thing, Devil Inside, Elegantly Wasted
Mountain Song, Ain't No Right, True Nature
Just Like Honey, Head On, Sometimes Always
Lucky Denver Mint, Hear You Me, Futures
Oh My God, Ruby, Never Miss A Beat
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, Bones, A Great Big Sled
California Waiting, King of the Rodeo, Charmer
Eddie's Gun, She Moves In Her Own Way, Always Where I Need To Be
Let Love Rule, Fly Away, Where Are We Runnin'?
Wasted & Ready, The Rules, Sundress
No Room To Bleed, Catch My Disease, What Would Jay-Z Do?
Confetti, Mrs. Robinson, Into Your Arms
Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?, Me & Mia, Bomb. Repeat. Bomb.
Mr. You're On Fire Mr., There's Room on The Broom, Plaster Casts of Everything
All Over You, Lakini's Juice, Overcome
Prisoner Of Society, Who's Gonna Save Us?, What's On Your Radio?
One Step Beyond, It Must Be Love, You Keep Me Hanging On
Jo Jo's Jacket, Dark Wave, Gardenia
A Design For Life, If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next, Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
Inertiatic ESP, The Widow, Viscera Eyes
Ha Ha, Goods (It's All In Your Head), Like U Crazy
Tripping Billies, Too Much, Crush
Combat Baby, Monster Hospital, Help I'm Alive
Where'd You Go?, Royal Oil, Wrong Thing Right Then
James Bond Theme, Porcelain, Beautiful
Polar Opposites, The World At Large, We've Got Everything
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys, You're The One For Me Fatty, Irish Blood English Heart
One Big Holiday, Off The Record, Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part II
Popular, The Way You Wear Your Head, Always Love
Blue Monday, True Faith, Crystal
Letter From An Occupant, All For Swinging You Around, Sing Me Spanish Techno
Terrible Lie, Piggy, Into The Void
Cigarettes & Alcohol, Roll With It, Stand By Me
Nitro (Youth Energy), The Meaning of Life, She's Got Issues
Get Over It, Do What You Want, WTF?
Naveed, 4AM, Right Behind You
Gold Soundz, Rattled By The Rush, Carrot Rope
Porch, I Got Id, World Wide Suicide
California, Badd Business, Do The Panic
Free, Down With Disease, The Connection
Gigantic, Crackity Jones, Dig For Fire/Alison
Nancy Boy, Brick S***house, The Bitter End
Sour Times, Only You, Machine Gun
Dune Buggy, Volcano, Some Postman
Sad Girls Por Vida, This Is Our Emergency, Pyrite Pedestal
John The Fisherman, Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver, Tommy The Cat
Heaven, Heartbreak Beat, Love My Way
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer, First It Givith, 3s and 7s
Save Your City, Party Crashers, Enemies Like This
You, Street Spirit (Fade Out), Subterranean Homesick Alien
Bombtrack, Down Rodeo, Born Of A Broken Man
Beat On The Brat, Rockaway Beach, Spider-Man
Knock Me Down, Warped, Tell Me Baby
(Don't Go Back To) Rockville, E-bow The Letter, Supernatural Superserious
Bastards of Young, Alex Chilton, Message To The Boys
The Frug, Portions For Foxes, The Moneymaker
If I Run, Secret Smile, Chemistry
The Past & Pending, Young Pilgrims, Australia
Israel's Son, Freak, The Greatest View
Don't You Forget About Me, See The Lights, Home
Oh!, You're No Rock & Roll Fun, Entertain
Rhinoceros, Thirty-Three, Perfect
Hand In Glove, Sheila Take A Bow, Ask
Ring Of FIre, When The Angels Sing, Far Behind
100%, Bull In The Heather, Incinerate
Is Chicago; Is Not Chicago, Soundtrack To Mary, Circles
Small Stakes, I Turn My Camera On, You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Good Souls, Silence Is Easy, In The Crossfire
Jenny, Sweet Troubled Soul, Graffiti Eyes
Crackerman, Down, Days Of The Week
When It Started, Reptilia, Ask Me Anything
Saw Red, Garden Grove, April 29, 1992 (Miami)
Caught By The Fuzz, Pumping On Your Stereo, Rush Hour Soul
Psycho Killer, Girlfriend Is Better, Stay Up Late
Monday Monday Monday, Speak Slow, Hell
How We Know, Returning To The Fold, Now We Can See
Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head, The Statue Got Me High, Take Out The Trash
Undertow, H., Parabola
Ambulance, Province, Halfway Home
Blue, Lucky Man, Love Is Noise
To The Kill, Children of the Revolution, American Music
Wake Up, No Christmas While I'm Talking, Louisiana
Touch My Tooter, I Can't Put My Finger On It, Transdermal Celebration
Holiday, Pink Triangle, Photograph
Hello Operator, Expecting, I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
Black Tongue, Gold Lion, 10x10
From A Motel 6, Sugarcube, Mr. Tough
Strange Condition, Burrito, For Us

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