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Fill in the blank word to these Frozen lyrics!

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Forced Order
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Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me and summer and I'll be a _______________!
_________ are better than people!
Our mental ___________ can have but one explanation!
Let it go! Let it go! Can't ____________ anymore!
And, by the way, I don't see no ________
I've started talking to the pictures on the wall! Hang in there, _______
That window is open, so's that ________! I didn't know they did that anymore!
We finish each other's ________! That what I was gonna say!
So cut through heart, ________ and clear!
Elsa? Please, I know you're in there. People are asking where you've been. They say have __________ and I'm trying to.
Goodnight! Goodnight! Don't let the frostbite _________!
And I'll be doin' whatever ___________ does in summer!
I've been searchin' my whole life to find my own place! And maybe it's the party _______, or the chocolate fondue!
The _______ never bothered me anyway!
Are you holding back your ________ due to his unmanly blondness?!

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