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Can you name the 101 Suggested Books to Read before Entering College?

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AuthorBook Title
Author Unknown
Chinua Achebe
James Agee
Jane Austen
James Baldwin
Samuel Beckett
Saul Bellow
Charlotte Bronte
Emily Bronte
Albert Camus
Willa Cather
Geoffrey Chaucer
Anton Chekhov
Kate Chopin
Joseph Conrad
James Fenimore Cooper
Stephen Crane
Miguel de Cervantes
Daniel Defoe
Charles Dickens
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Frederick Douglass
Theodore Dreiser
Alexandre Dumas
George Eliot
Ralph Ellison
Ralph Waldo Emerson
William Faulkner
William Faulkner
Henry Fielding
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Gustave Flaubert
Ford Madox Ford
AuthorBook Title
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
William Golding
Thomas Hardy
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Joseph Heller
Ernest Hemingway
Victor Hugo
Zora Neale Hurston
Aldous Huxley
Henrik Ibsen
Henry James
Henry James
James Joyce
Franz Kafka
Maxine Hong Kingston
Harper Lee
Sinclair Lewis
Jack London
Thomas Mann
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Herman Melville
Herman Melville
Arthur Miller
Toni Morrison
Flannery O'Connor
Eugene O'Neill
George Orwell
Boris Pasternak
Sylvia Plath
Edgar Allan Poe
Marcel Proust
Thomas Pynchon
AuthorBook Title
Erich Maria Remarque
Edmond Rostand
Henry Roth
J.D. Salinger
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
George Bernard Shaw
Mary Shelley
Leslie Marmon Silko
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
John Steinbeck
Robert Louis Stevenson
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Jonathan Swift
William Thackeray
Henry David Thoreau
Leo Tolstoy
Ivan Turgenev
Mark Twain
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Alice Walker
Edith Wharton
Eudora Welty
Walt Whitman
Oscar Wilde
Tennessee Williams
Virginia Woolf
Richard Wright

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